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May 29th I've decided to move my blogging to blogger.

May 28th The weather's started sucking again, so I spent the day just doing chores here and there. I went and got a new frisbee for Tilly, but by then it was raining so we couldn't go and play with it. Tilly and I sat in the van and fixed (hopefully) the sliding window latch, which looks like it's been hammered by somebody who doesn't understand how it works. We also tried to figure out the problem with the central locking for the sliding door, but couldn't get the bloody thing to not work. Oh well.

May 27th We used to go to this nice little Italian diner in Roseville, and they closed down a few years ago. Vic's found another version of it in Granite Bay, so we went over there for dinner. Jen met us to drink coffee and chat - she'd splurged on KFC :o)

May 25th The rack I'd bought for the DRZ came in, so I spent less than 10 minutes fitting it. Now I have somewhere to bungee stuff I want to carry, rather than try and put it in my pockets.

May 23rd after work, we watched the finales of House and Family Guy - the take off of Return of the Jedi. It was funny in places, but they definitely phoned it in.

May 22nd Wot no rapture?

We spent a good part of the day in the garden taking out the majority of the stump. I'm glad it's gone, but Tilly keeps throwing her ball in the hole so she can climb in there.

In the evening, we watched 102 Dalmatians, which drove Tilly berserk several times.

May 21st Happy Doomsday, everybody!

Vic was at a show for the SPCA, so I pottered around the house doing chores - trying to figure out the 2 stroke oil leak on the YSR (I didn't), hacking at the tree stump some more, that sort of thing. Tilly and I played in the garden for a while, then I took Fred over to the airfield, where I did a little tinkering with the Flightstar and then we went for a flight. It was pretty bumpy, so we flew over the house (and his house, as he lives over the road from me) and called it a day at that. When Vic got home, we just ate leftovers and watched some TV. I was actually flying at the time of the rapture, and didn't see anybody being taken, which would suggest that there are a lot of people who weren't as pure as they thought they were.

May 20th In a testament to how crappy the weather's been this year, we had our first barbecue of 2011. Vince and Jen came over to play with Tilly and eat.

May 19th After work we went to the airfield and took the Flightstar out for an hour. It was really nice and calm out, so I'm looking forward to being able to fly a bit more often.

May 18th I got up in the roof and played with the TV antenna. When I was originally playing with it, I just threw it up and pointed it roughly South. With Vic's help I moved it to get the best signal strength, and now we can watch ABC. Shame they've cancelled V then, really.

May 16th Vic dried out the hang glider in the driveway, much to Tilly's distress. We now have everything packed away properly. One of the ropes on her harness needs replacing, which is a pain.

May 15th I just pottered around until the afternoon, when Vic got home with a wet hang glider We unpacked it and left it to dry in the garage overnight, so the Jeep and the van had to stay outside. We then went and met Jason (who's in town from Arizona) and friends for pizza.

May 14th I got up early, and did some chores around the house before taking Tilly for a long walk. I was intending to take her to the Bear dog park, but something scared her and she wanted to go home, so we went home.

I had thought about flying, or going for a pushbike ride, but it was bloody windy.

I was supposed to be picking Fred and Marsha up from the station some time around 2pm, but that had been delayed to around 8pm. I did some tidying up on Vic's laptop and just did stuff around the house, but then it seems the train was delayed again until around midnight. I sat down and watched Waterworld - I can't believe I've never watched it, but it's even more awful than I imagined. While I did this, I made some cupcakes. I don't have the required 3lbs of sugar icing, but I like them.
At midnight I went and picked Fred and Marsha up, then when I got home I woke Tilly so she could go to bed.

May 13th When Vic got back from the Petmobile run in the morning, we put her hang glider on the van and she headed back to the SPCA for a meeting. She then headed off to Lake McClure to go hang gliding for the weekend.

May 12th After work, we went to the airfield and took the Flightstar for a jaunt. I think this is the first time I've flown away from the airfield this year, as I've either been testing something or just doing circuits to run the fuel down.

When we got home, we pulled the van out and attached the roof rack and ladder, to be ready for tomorrow.

May 10th After work, I ran Tilly around the garden for a while, then we packed up and headed over to the airfield. We filled the Flightstar with fresh petrol before taking it up for a bunch of circuits. We put it back in the hangar and filled it up again, then headed home.

May 8th Neither of us slept particularly well, so we went and had breakfast before going to see Rio. It has birds and hang gliders, so there's no way I was going to get to avoid this, but it's actually a pretty good movie.

When we got home, we spent some time hacking at the tree stump in the garden. I figure if we do this every weekend, we'll have it out about the time it'll have rotted out by itself.

May 7th I started the day by washing the solar panels for the first time this year. Tilly watched me from the garden to make sure I didn't miss any. She was a great help, as when they were dry, I could see some grubby bits. Next time.

We went over to see Jeff at work, and I helped out by putting new brake pads in the front of a Harley while he put new tyres on. He took it for a test ride as the owner showed up, and came back and immediately put it back on the ramp. "WTF?", I said. The rear brake basically did nothing, to which the owner said that it doesn't work. Right, because you can stop a Harley with just the front brake. We got it sort of working, but he's bringing it back next week for Jeff to do a general service, so it'll get the rear brakes fixed then. Jeez, some people.

In the evening we went to the SPCA volunteers' monthly dinner and saw all the crazy cat ladies. When we got home, I took the YSR for a trip around the block to see if I'd managed to fix anything. The rear brake doesn't squeak any more, and I think the handling's better. It's just the electrics now, and I think that's a voltage thing - it needs a good regular charging.

May 3rd I got up at a ridiculous hour to Tilly's disgust and ran Fred and Marsha to the airport for their latest trip. Everything's been a bit of a blur since then :o)

May 1st We got up disgustingly early to go to Sacramento for the Sacramento House Rabbit Society so Vic could participate in the Run for the Buns. She finished the 5Km run in about 30 minutes, which was about 15 minutes faster than she runs on the treadmill at the gym, so to celebrate we went and met Vince for breakfast.

In the afternoon, the weather looked quite nice, so I took Fred over to the airfield and took the Flightstar up for a few circuits. It's down to 2 gallons of gas now, so I can fill it up with some nice fresh stuff next time I go out.