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March 31st I'd ordered a solid state drive for my laptop, and that came in. There's a move from 34nm to 25nm manufacturing, and that's speeding up the drives but it seems that it's increasing the power consumption of them, too. I wanted the best of both worlds, so I've got one of the drives that's not as fast as the new ones, but is still a lot faster than the 5400rpm drive I had, but that uses less power. I'm hoping it'll increase the battery life. Anyway, from pushing the "on" button to the prompt is 65 seconds with the spinny drive, and is 31 seconds with the solid state. The Windows Experience score has gone from a "meh" 5.3 for the hard drive to 6.7. There's a bunch of tuning stuff that Windows has been doing now it's noticed the drive, so that's probably helping. I then decided to repartition the drive to lose the recovery partition (that probably won't work anyway), and ended up having to copy everything over again, as the thing wouldn't even boot. I've reduced the size of the partition in the clone software and called that good for now.

March 27th Another wet and miserable day, so I dinked around in World of Warcraft - I've decided to get my warrior all the way through Twilight Highlands to get all the best gear. I'll probably look at doing that will all my toons so as to collect the stuff I need for their professions.

We did some tree trimming, and filled the green waste bin again with pretty much everything we can get to on the trees in the front garden and another lump off the tree in the back garden. One lump left to go now, but that'll include the main trunk, so it'll be a few weeks, when we have an empty green waste bin. Now the trees are starting to sprout, we're pretty much done for this year.

March 26th I dinked around in World of Warcraft and finished up all the Twilight Highlands quests with my hunter. I think I'll work on professions for a while now, so everybody can get topped out.

Gwen had bought some IKEA cabinets for her kitchen, so we met her for lunch, then went over and put those together and installed them. I only managed to break a glass that was on top of a cabinet next to where they were being installed. They look pretty good :o)

March 25th We woke up at around 4am, and ended up getting up and doing things. Of course, I played some World of Warcraft, and ran a few daily quests to get my hunter up to level 84 so I could get into Twilight Highlands. I spent most of the day playing, so I got up to level 85.

March 24th We woke up at a pretty usual time, and Tilly was very happy to see us - maybe I'm so used to the otherwise over the top morning greeting that nothing short of a full blown parade would seem right when we've been away.

We wasted the day catching up on TV, unblocking the drains (it's been raining a lot) and playing World of Warcraft - I got my hunter out of Deepholm.

March 23rd We got up early and headed to the airport. Everything went swimmingly, I watched Tangled, Due Date, The Accidental Husband and Inside Job before waiting over an hour to get through passport control. And then we went through the pornoscope in the security check. Luckily our connecting flight was delayed, so we got to the gate as it was boarding.
We got back to Sacramento, and Fred and Marsha picked us up. Gwen was still at the house, so she handed over Tilly who was happy to see us. Not ecstatic, but happy. Meh.

March 22nd We headed up to London to meet Jason for lunch, then we went to see the Dr Who Exhibition.
In the evening, we went to dinner with Mum and Dad before heading home to pack.

March 21st We went to Staines to buy chocolate, then Poke picked us up. We saw their new house, went to dinner then met Paul in the Red Lion to talk and drink the evening away.

March 20th We got up and headed to Avebury to see the stone circles, Silbury Hill and then on to Stonehenge.

In the evening, we went to Jason and Fiona's for dinner and to watch the season opener of the MotoGP season. Glad the poison dwarf didn't win :o)

March 19th We went and saw the white horse at Uffington, and in the evening we met Sue for dinner and a chat.

March 18th We went to Birdworld, which wasn't completely open for the summer yet, and in the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant with Jason.

March 17th Sam had a series of epileptic fits in the morning, but he seemed to have settled down when Vic and I went to lunch with Caroline. He was just coming out of a fit when we came in, so I helped Dad get him round to the vet so they can put him out for a while to break the cycle. This isn't good, as it means the drugs need their doses increased.

When all that drama was over and done with, Vic and I went to the pub to meet "people". Phil showed up first, and we were having a good chat when Emma, Claire, Jason and Fiona all arrived at the same time. I, at least, had a great time, and we even got to stop for a kebab on the way home.

March 16th I went with Dad and Sam to their dog training class, then we all went to The Harrow, a very old pub, for lunch, then on to a garden centre. Woo.
As we were having a quiet afternoon at home, I hopped into World of Warcraft, and got my hunter up to level 83 before we went to Pizza Hut for dinner.

March 15th We arrived at Heathrow, and met Mum and Dad. After spending the day chilling out at home, we went to the chippie to get dinner, then met Jason and Fiona for a drink in Staines.

March 14th We got up and finished packing, then Fred and Marsha ran us to the airport. Everything went swimmingly until we were on the plane in Houston waiting to head off to Heathrow - the entertainment system was down, so they swapped it out. We got to watch it boot into Linux on the in seat monitors, but apparently that didn't work either. So we got to wait about an hour while they fixed it, which meant the people sitting next to me had time to get in from their delayed flight in from Phoenix. That meant I had to get all my junk off their seat :o( Still, we finally left and headed to the UK, with movies. I got to watch True Grit, Hairy Potter and Megamind.

March 13th I played a little World of Warcraft, hoping the weather was going to get a little better, but it didn't. I went and changed the clocks, per the time on my cellphone - that would be correct, right? Wrong - looking at the atomic clock in the bedroom, the cellphone is about 3 minutes fast. I set my watch per the atomic clock, then went back and changed everything to match that. This is good, as it means I'll stand a chance of flying after work when we get back from the UK - it seems like the best weather is during the week.

As it looked like it was going to rain, we went out into the front garden and trimmed some more off the trees and cut the grass. It didn't look any better, so I went back into Azeroth and got my hunter to level 82. Then I started tidying up the house and packing :o)

March 12th I started the day playing World of Warcraft, and got my warlock up to level 85. I then got my hunter into Hyjal, ready to start questing there.

I then went to the airfield and took the Flightstar out for just under an hour, and bashed circuits. It was pretty busy, and the weather was quite bumpy, so I'm glad Vic didn't come. The guys were going to look through an old woman's garage at stuff left by her dead husband, so I tagged along. If I'd been building a Thorpe, it would have been great, but I'm not, so it was just dull, and kind of sad, really.

As Vic was at a SPCA thing, Vince and I went to dinner before I went home to feed and play with Tilly. I went back into Azeroth and got my hunter up to level 81. It's crazy how much easier everybody is to play than my druid.

March 11th After work, we sat and watched Middle Men it wasn't as funny as I'd expected, but it was a pretty good story nonetheless.

March 9th Tilly sleeps through the night, and is back on kibble. In World of Warcraft, I've got my warlock into Uldum.

March 7th John was in Sacramento for work, so we went and met him for dinner.

March 6th Tilly slept all the way through the night, so the chicken and rice would seem to be a winner. It was cold and wet out, so I spent most of the day playing World of Warcraft and got my warlock into Deepholm and up to level 84.

March 5th Tilly has some sort of stomach problem, in that she keeps getting me up at night to go out into the garden and throw up. Great. Vic went to the store and bought rice and chicken to try and nip this in the bud, as I've not had a proper night's sleep for a while :o(

It was forecast to be wet today, so when it was dry in the morning, I set out to do the "outdoor" stuff first, then headed in to play World of Warcraft, getting my warlock up to level 83 in Vashj'ir. As the weather had turned cloudy, and even rained a bit, we went to pick up a cactus from Vince, then all went to dinner.

March 4th I went and got my eyes tested for the first time in about 3 years. As expected, they're getting worse, so it looks like I'll be getting new glasses. I'm thinking I'll look at ordering some cheap spares, and I'll see if there's somewhere I can donate my old glasses.

March 3rd After work, I got to spend a few hours modifying graphic files for Russ. We'd talked about this a few months ago, but obviously he didn't look at anything until the day before they absolutely had to be done. Obviously.

March 2nd While Vic watched American Idol, I spent a little time in World of Warcraft and got my warlock up to level 82.