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July 31st Vic got up early and went to the SPCA to teach a critter class, leaving me and Tilly to play in the garden. I started looking at a Keihin FCR39 carb for the DRZ that I've bought cheaply on Ebay. Supposedly it's from a DRZ, but the jetting is way off.

I got bored again, so I dug up one of the sprinklers and changed it to one that'll throw the water further - hopefully that'll stop the grass from dying off quite so quickly.

Other than that we just lazed around all day.

July 30th We barbecued, and Vince came over to play with Tilly and eat burgers. He's talking about moving to Hawaii and flying tourists around, he enjoyed his few days there that much :o)

July 29th I pulled the DVD drive out of the HTPC, and put the Blu-Ray drive in properly, and zipped everything up again. Vic rented Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, what looks like the first of a series of movies based on Greek Mythology. I'm not up on my Greek, but we enjoyed it.

July 28th I'd got sick of the DVD drive skipping on the home theatre PC, so I decided to replace it - rather then get another DVD, I got a Blu-Ray player as it was only an extra $30 or so. It'll still burn DVDs and CDs, so we don't lose any functionality. Vic went and rented a couple of movies from Redbox while I popped the case open and plugged the new drive in. With the drive teetering on top of the open case, we discovered that Windows 7 doesn't natively support Blu-Ray movies. We can see the files on the disc, just not play them. Bugger.

We watched the fantastically crap 2012 Doomsday on DVD while surfing to see what could be done about the Blu-Ray software. This movie was so bad that I don't even remember the ending, as I'd lost interest. I installed a trial version of the PowerDVD 10 software, and that allowed us to watch The Book of Eli on Blu-Ray. The movie was pretty good, but Blu-Ray isn't going to make me replace my DVD collection - I might not even have to buy the software as I have the 8.2 version somewhere that I'll try when this trial runs out.

July 26th Vic took the Jeep to the dealer, where they took an hour to give her a box, unscrew 8 screws for the rear light covers, and put the bonnet cover on. It all looks pretty good, and the Jeep's pretty much finished for the moment - I can see me wanting a skid plate for the engine, but that can come later.

July 25th I wasted the day doing chores around the house, and in the evening we went over to the airfield and took the Flightstar out for 45 minutes. Ken's moved his trailer out, as Larry's moving his trike in. That'll be exciting, trying to fit everything in. It doesn't look like Todd's flying much since Mike's accident, so I'm hoping I can get the Flightstar moved further forward. Hopefully Larry'll move in next weekend and we can see what Ken's planning with the setup in the hangar.

July 24th I started the day by rinsing off the solar panels, and then decided to wash the van and the Jeep. When I was done with the Jeep, I waxed the front end - they're installing the bonnet cover thingy on Monday, so I wanted a coat of wax to protect it a little from scratching. I must say, though, it seems to have really good paint on it, as there's not a mark on it. Yet.

In the evening, we watched Gabriel, as Jen had said it was really good. Jen owes us $1 :o)

July 23rd We finished watching the 5th series of Dr Who, now we need to wait for the next series.

July 22nd We continued watching the 5th series of Dr Who.

July 21st We went to dinner with Vince, who's getting flown to Hawaii for a couple of days to service an aero engine. Lucky bastard.

When we got home, we started watching the 5th series of Dr Who that I'd picked up from Dave when we were in San Francisco.

July 18th While Vic tinkered with the guinea pigs and the fish tank, I was fiddling with the goal post adapter to hold the hang gliding ladder. Then I went out and started dicking with the bikini top for the Jeep, so that's fitted now. Vic can now drive it with it all open without getting burnt to a crisp. I'm expecting it to stay open until the autumn at the earliest :o)

While we were out there, Fred came back from the hospital, so we went and saw him in to the house and on to the bed. He's getting a wheelchair for getting around when he's tired.

July 17th We got up, and decided to work on the Jeep before it got too hot, so we installed the light bar and the side steps. Now I just need to finish figuring out how we're going to mount the front ladder support for going hang gliding.

We went to Vic's favourite fish store to pick up some parts for the pump, and when we got home there was a message to say Fred was going back in to hospital, but not to worry.

We went to dinner with Gwen, and Jen came and joined us to get out of the house and away from her studies for a bit.

July 16th Another bloody hot day - it hit 110F here. A pile of stuff we'd ordered had shown up, so I installed the new hard disc in Gwen's PC and Vic installed the spare tyre cover on the Jeep.

The other parts for the Jeep had arrived, so Vic went and picked them up (in the van as it's got a lot more luggage space).

I went out and played with Tilly, and the kid over the back started playing with a clacky toy, which scared Tilly enough that she wanted to come in. I think that's probably what she's afraid of in the garden, so I'm hoping she gets over that.

We saw Fred getting home from having his knee replaced, so we went and said "hi". Later we got a call from Marsha to say Fred had fallen, so we went and helped him up. Seems his arms are tired from using the walking frame, and one just gave out. They're going to ask for a wheelchair, so he doesn't get that tired any more.

After dinner, I was bored so I went and installed the tow hitch receiver on the Jeep before having an early night.

July 15th It was the office summer picnic, so we got up at 0-dark-30, and left the house at 5am. Poor Tilly, we're normally only up that early to go hang gliding, so she was all excited. And then got left behind.

We took the van, and it behaved just fine all day. The picnic was fine - having got used to Sacramento weather, I was cold a lot of the time :o)

Gwen came over twice during the day to play with Tilly and feed her. The second time she didn't want to go out, which is strange. We got home about 9pm, and collapsed into bed shortly afterwards.

July 14th I went to get the bins in, as it's trash day. Barefoot, usually no biggie, but then I decided to bring in Fred's bins, as he's in the hospital having his knee replaced. It's bloody hot (>100F) out, so by the time I was half way across the road, I was skipping from foot to foot like Tilly does. I now have blisters on my soles :o(

July 13th After work, we watched She's Out of My League, then I changed the inner tubes on Gwen's pushbike. Vic rode it around to make sure everything worked while we straightened the handlebars, adjusted the brakes etc.

July 12th We went out and picked up bits and pieces, then when we got home watched The Wolfman - it wasn't at all bad :o)

July 11th I spent part of the day painting aluminium mesh and making grilles for the Jeep to stop bugs and rocks going through the radiator.

Gwen brought over her broken computer and broken pushbike for me to look at - we've ordered a new hard disc, and I'll go and get some new inner tubes - the tyres don't look too bad.

July 10th I was thinking that I'd have nothing to do, when a package arrived in the mail - it was the fuel door and the step covers for the Jeep. Apparently the hole where the fuel cap is can get full of dirt / mud / snow, so we now have a door covering that. And when I got out of the back seat, the place you'd stand is on the door step, so we now have a rubber cover on those.

July 9th We barbecued, and Gwen came over to tease Tilly.

July 6th We barbecued in the evening, and cooked up a whole big batch of chicken, most of which went in the freezer for future lazy nights.

July 5th I had the day off, so ended up running errands and buying crap we need around the house.

In the evening, we went to the airfield and fitted the wheels back on the Flightstar - there was an 8mph crosswind by this point, so we gave up on flying and came home.

July 4th Today was Independence Day, when Americans celebrate the end of civility by going shopping. I started the day by washing the solar panels. I then decided to fit the winch plate to the Jeep - first I have to get the bumper off again. I tried wobbling it, with no luck, and then decided to use brute force - I sat down, braced myself against one tyre and pulled it moderately hard. It hit me in the chest, and I was concerned that I'd pull the whole heavy piece of metal off it one go, so I got Vic to catch it for me. We then fitted the winch plate and put it back on. A bit later I went back and drilled holes in the mirror mounts - apparently they'll fill up with water and it takes weeks for it all to dry out. With Vic's help, we hacked the wiring so that the front side marker lights flash with the turn signals - as stock you can't see the turn signals when you're approaching the thing from the side.

In the early evening, I chased Tilly around the garden for a while to tire her out, and then the local fireworks didn't start until about 21:30. But they did go on until 23:30 :o(

July 3rd I decided to start the day by replacing the stereo in the Jeep, and was just picking up the free paper that I light the barbecue with when some nasty insect thing buzzed me. It then landed on my arm, and proceeded to bite me. It was my left arm, so I waved it around until it took off, otherwise I'd have killed it.

I then found out that the harness I'd ordered doesn't have wires for the constant power or the illumination (that'd dim the display). I put it all back together while I see if I can find the pins to fit in the connector.

I then went and swapped the speedo cable in the van - the old one's very noisy and jumps all over the place. It was a bit fiddly to get it all in there, but I managed it. I drove up the road, and it's quieter, but still jumps, but not as much. We'll see if it beds in any - it's been coiled up in the garage for months waiting for the van to come back.

We had an early dinner so I could chase Tilly around the garden before the first of the fireworks lit up.

July 2nd We barbecued, and Jen and Vince came over. Jen brought Tilly a ball on a rope toy. Tilly freed the ball before we'd started eating, and by the time Jen left, the ball was in pieces all over the floor, and the rope was just little strings. A success then :o)

July 1st We had a lazy evening doing pretty much nothing, as we're both pretty tired.