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November 27th I was looking through some pictures of Chloe, and I found this one. The whole picture is of her and her van, when we were camping - she seems to be smiling. It's now my backdrop :o)

November 26th It rained and rained and rained, so I did a bit of tidying up around the house, then went to the SPCA. No dog adoptions, but Vic's managed to get a bunch of bunnies out this week.

November 25th It was Saturday, so I spent the day at the SPCA. There were a bunch of dog adoptions, which always cheers me up :o)

November 24th As it was cold, and I was tired, I just laid around in bed all day. Vic went and worked in her roommate's garden, bless her :o)

November 23rd We got up early and drive down to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving with Vic's family. We took the Subaru, as the van still isn't ready - it seems that Stephan was sent the wrong engine / gearbox adapter plate. He had been told to expect it last week, and worked feverishly to get everything ready, then it didn't show up. So, he now has my van, without engine, cluttering up his workshop. Before, he could move it, but now it has no engine, that's a bit trickier. Lucky I'm in no rush, really, isn't it?

Anyway, Thanksgiving went well, and turkey was eaten. The traffic was fine on the way down, and we had the usual stop and go through the Benicia toll bridge on the way back.

November 21st For grins, I loaded World of Warcraft on my old laptop. That took most of the day, by the time I'd downloaded the 480Mb patch. I managed to run around the fountain by the bank in Stormwind twice before the laptop crashed again. Bugger. At some point when my finances are looking better, I might investigate a new machine, but I don't really need one now. It's not like computers are going up in price, is it?

November 20th After my old laptop crashed 4 times in as many hours, I decided to apply my massive intellect to the problem, and seeing as I've already replaced the memory, and tried replacing the hard disc, it had to be the wireless card. Or a new laptop. I took the wireless card out, and (touch wood), it seems to be running fine now. We'll give it a while before I start looking for a possible new wireless mini PCI card, but it could be that it's fixed. Interestingly, it's a Lucent Orinoco card, the same as caused problems with one of my work laptops - only that one was easier to diagnose. Linux, bless it, tells you what it's doing on a boot up, so you see that it always hangs bringing up that card.

November 19th I spent the day clearing poop out of the garden for the last time, and tidying up the leaves. That's a thankless task - after filling the green waste bin to 3/4 with leaves and a little grass, it took less than an hour for the front to be covered in leaves again. I wonder why I bother, I really do. Vic spent some quality time on her mural.

November 18th I was intending to avoid the SPCA for a while, but they were short-handed, so I went in and helped out in the office.

No, for the final time, I'm not getting another dog just yet, OK? :o)

November 16th It was a quiet day, given the previous evening. Vic went in to work, but came home after her supervisor saw she was too upset to get anything done. I seemed to spend the day telling people - thanks for all the nice replies to the "bad news" email :o)

November 15th A very sad day, chez Dug. Chloe didn't eat her breakfast, so I had to dig her pills out and feed them to her separately, with a few treats. She wasn't drinking enough water, and seemed to be unhappy walking too much. Whenever she settled down anywhere, I covered her up with blankets, as she felt cold to me.

Vic came over straight from work, as she had a feeling things weren't going so well. We got Chloe into our bed, with it's heated blanket, while she went and medicated her roommate's bunny. I laid in bed with her, telling her what a good girl she is, while she occasionally shuffled around trying to get more comfortable. The wheezy breathing that I'd been dreading was back, and her stomach was tight, so she was filling up again. When her gums started to turn purple, I decided we should go to the vet and put an end to her suffering. I had to carry her off the bed, and she walked the last few steps to the car, where she just lay down.

She was a little brighter as we walked into the vet's, but quickly enough was lying down, too tired to sit. We went into their comfortable room, and I held her, telling her what a good girl she is while they injected her.

When we got home, Vic and I sat holding each other while we told stories of funny things she did. The time she licked Jeff's shaved head while we were playing with the fire extinguisher in the van. The way she would rather lie in bed with Vic, watching Animal Planet, than get up and have her breakfast. How she could never figure out what we were trying to do with agility courses. How she ate all the strawberries in the garden. The time I put her in the car while I washed it, and she licked all over the windows to try and get the water from the hose. How she helped me put down the flooring by standing on it. How she'd lick you when you were kneeling down trying to put tiles down.

I miss her.

November 14th We got up, and Chloe was obviously sore. I gave her a painkiller, along with a bunch of other medications, but she hardly touched her breakfast. We went to see her cardiologist, who said we can't see well enough into her chest cavity with x-rays or ultrasounds to see what the problem is, so at the moment we can't even consider surgery. He's prescribed some stronger diuretics to be taken with the other ones to try and drain her chest. He believes that they can cope with the litre of fluid she seems to be leaking each day, so we'll see. Dr. Forney and I had a long conversation on the phone, and agreed that we won't tap her chest again, we'll just call it a day if it comes to that - at the moment we don't think she'd survive the anaesthetic anyway.

In the evening, she still hadn't eaten anything, and Vic suggested that I give her rice, rather than her dog food, with the cottage cheese that I'd been planning. She hungrily ate 2 bowls of rice and cheese - I think that along with everything else, her throat is sore from having tubes forced down it to give her oxygen during her surgeries.

November 13th Chloe was breathing hard a few times during the night, and then didn't want to eat her breakfast, so we went to the vet's. Again. This time they pulled 3 litres of fluid out of her chest. She was a lot harder hit this time, and stayed there an extra 2 or so hours, recovering. She didn't want to wake up, and Vic and I had to lift her into the car, and onto the bed when we got her home. She's also on painkillers for the first time in her life. The vet we saw this morning said that we could probably manage this, and went on to describe a cat they had with this problem. Apparently they put the cat on the Rutin, massive diuretics and a special diet and still needed to tap it's chest for fluid once a week. Until it just gave up and died. Dr. Forney (Chloe's usual vet) and I have discussed this, and we agree that it's not acceptable - we need to fix this, and very, very soon.

November 12th Chloe seemed a bit brighter, and was pottering around the house by herself. She's still on the diuretics, so we're still looking at restless nights - with her previous diarrhea and now her constant needing to pee and drink a bowlful of water, I haven't had more than 2 hours' sleep in one go for as long as I can remember :o(

November 11th Chloe was still very tired after yesterday's operation, so I decided to skip the SPCA and stay in with her. I spent the day either on the sofa or on the bed with her cuddled up against me, asleep. It does mean that I caught up on some TiVo and some reading :o)

November 10th Chloe was breathing hard on Thursday evening, but slept OK. She didn't eat her breakfast though, so we went to the vet early in the morning. I was expecting a drop-off, where you abandon her and they'll look at her when they can, but her favourite vet, Dr. Forney came and saw us. They admitted her, and ran some blood tests (that all came up OK), then proceeded to try and get some of the fluid out from around her lungs using a catheter like the emergency vet did. This wasn't getting much fluid out of her, so they cut a small hole in her side and proceeded to drain out 4.5 litres of chyle over the next 45 minutes. Yes, that's over a gallon! There's still some fluid in there, from the x-rays, but it's significantly less than it's been before, we believe. I suggested they pick her up and shake her to get it out, but apparently she's too heavy, even though she lost about 9lbs today, in fluid alone.

When they put her under, even pumping 100% oxygen into her, they couldn't get her blood O2 level above 80%, so she was going purple. After the draining, they got her to 98%, and she's pink. Basically her lungs couldn't flow enough air to keep up with the O2 demands of her system.

They said she was very good, and knows where her kennel is there now, so she'll lead them to it and sit down while they change her water and give her a blanket. She came home, and pottered around getting over the effects of the anaesthetic.

We talked about the pleural effusion, and Dr. Forney thinks it's possibly a rupture somewhere in her lymphatic system. Surgery really isn't an option, as it's very invasive and she probably wouldn't survive it. He did, however, suggest a herbal remedy called Rutin, which helps support the lymphatic system. I'm going to discuss that with Dr. Reed, her cardiologist (who's at UC Davis in surgery on Fridays) and see what he says before we start doing anything, but I can't see that it'll hurt anything. We can't keep on like this, as she's miserable, and I'm approaching the credit limit on my Mastercard :o(

November 9th I took Chloe in for the checkup on her pleural effusion, and we still don't know caused it, but the fluid's getting worse. We've upped the diuretics, and we'll see if that helps anything.

November 8th Surewest came and set up my DSL service again. They have slightly newer modems, requiring a slightly different wiring setup, but I'm now getting over 6Mb/s down, and 600Kb/s up. The last run I did on the old wireless setup showed 1944Kb/s down, 18Kb/s (yes, dialup speed) up. They'll come and pick up their box from my roof at some point in the near future, I hope.

In the evening, I played a little World of Warcraft, getting my warrior up to level 52 :o)

November 6th After work I spent a little time wiring an extra LED brake light to the Hawk. I'd bought some LED navigation lights for the Rans, and I thought I'd just throw one on the bike under the number plate. It's OK in the dark, but less visible in the light. Now... I wonder what can I do with a green LED?

November 5th I spent the day catching up a little on World of Warcraft and the TiVo, then took the Hawk to meet Vic for dinner.

November 4th I spoke to Dr Reed about Chloe's pleural effusion. The results of the tests on the fluid are in, and show nothing. While there's no sign of infection or cancer, which is good, we don't know why this happened, so we're talking about keeping her on some level of diuretics to maintain things at a manageable level. Hmmm...

As it had been threatening to rain, Vic took the Subaru to work, leaving me to ride the newly fixed Hawk to the SPCA. I'd intended to do Matt's Pit Bull training class, but things were a bit hectic, meaning I missed it. Oh well, maybe next time. In the evening I spent a little time on the train set. Recently I've painted the houses, so I glued 2 down, and did a bit more landscaping.

November 3rd Jeff fronted up with a new battery for the Hawk, I've owned the thing for over 8 years, and that's the battery it came with, so I don't resent buying a new one now. In the afternoon, I fitted it, and poured in a tank full of new gas. It fired up pretty well, and ticked over a little lumpily while it cleared out the old, stale gas. Whee, another vehicle running :o)

November 2nd Chloe was feeling a lot better, and pottered around the house a bit more. As she's on diuretics, she's drinking a lot and needing to go out a lot, too. This means very broken sleep patterns for the next few days while she settles down.

November 1st First thing, I picked Chloe up from the vet, with her pleural effusion. She didn't seem particularly happy, but we're putting that down to being tired, hungry, sore and drugged.

We went to see Dr. Reed, her cardiologist, and he admitted her and ran a bunch of tests. I went home to wait, and ended up helping Jim pull the bent gutter off his roof, and straighten the less bent gutters.

I picked Chloe up in the afternoon, and she was obviously feeling a bit better. There was no sign of anything wrong with her heart, or chest cavity, so we'll wait for the results of her fluid tests before deciding what to do next. I did get given a prescription for a diuretic, to help clear out the remainder of the fluid. I had to go to a regular pharmacy to pick it up, so there are instructions that she's not to drive or operate heavy machinery if it makes her feel dizzy.

On the way home we stopped at the SPCA so Vic could see that she's getting better.