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April 30th While Russ and Deeps went and played golf again (scoring around 300, from all reports - is that good?) YSR. It looks like it should start, but it doesn't. I'll try again when I feel a little bit less tired, and a little bit more motivated :o)

April 29th We went up to Apple Hill, for some wine tasting. Wine was quaffed, pie was eaten and the Subaru was driven.

April 28th It was the PetFest at the SPCA, so we packed Tana into the van and went along early to help out. Tana spent the day in the office, with me occasionally taking her for a walk / jog around the car park. While there were a bunch of people interested in a three legged dog, none of them adopted her. Oh well... if we're stuck with her, it won't be the end of the world :o)

April 27th Russ and Deeps went to play golf, so I spent the day putting together a composter for Vic, then working on the YSR, getting the wiring (I believe) more or less finished. I then moved it out of the living room and back into the garage, as I'll be bleeding the brakes up, pouring oil and battery acid. I'd rather have it in the garage for that :o)

In the evening, we met a friend of Russ' for dinner. It's funny to show up at a fondue place to then find out that one of the party doesn't like cheese. Freak. Well, he got to eat the meat fondue instead.

April 26nd Having run them around to get golf shoes, I dropped Russ and Deeps at the Galleria so Deeps could shop, shop and shop.

April 25th I took the van and picked Russ and Deeps up at the airport. Tana was pleased enough to see them :o)

Jason was in town from Phoenix, so we went to dinner. He's going to dump another YSR on me, probably next week, so I can strip off any spares I like the look of get it running for a friend of his. I'd better get mine finished up soon then, eh?

April 24th I met Jeff for lunch, and he gave me back the ignition switch for the YSR that he'd drilled off the upper yoke, so now I've got very few excuses for not having it finished.

April 23rd I did some work on the YSR. I think all I need now is the ignition switch and the headlight wiring to get it finished.

April 22nd I started the day sealing a leaky bolt on the roof of the van, while waiting to watch the nailbiting MotoGP race. What a sucky finish for Rossi, and I was surprised that they couldn't see anything wrong with the tyre when he pulled into the pits, as it looked flappy to me on TV.

I then helped Vic in the garden for a while - she's setting up some frames to grow vegetables or something :o) When it started to rain, I came in, as I'm made of sugar.

April 21st I started the day walking dogs at the SPCA, then after that got the replacement TiVo up and running. In the later afternoon, I went to Scott and Becky's for Becky's annual 29th birthday party :o)

April 20th I started the day by kicking off the latest Ubuntu download, then we took Tana for a walk around the block. After that, we went to the gym, and lazed around watching TV.

April 19th After all the recent work on the van, my hand's been hurting. So, I used that as an excuse to spend the whole day playing World of Warcraft with Andy :o)

April 18th We started the day by dropping one of Vic's Guinea Pigs at the vet, as he has an injured foot. We then went to the gym, and on the way back, I stopped in at Autozone and picked up some wiring connectors, and a relay, for the van. When Vic went to work, so did I... I've wired the internal lights to run from the auxiliary battery, so you can leave them on all the time without worrying about starting the van. I also wired up the high beams to use the relay. Of course, anybody with some common sense would have bought 2 relays, and wired one up for the low beam, too, but in hindsight, they only want 110W - the high beams want 230W. They'll be fine. I keep telling myself.

Vic managed to pick Bebe up when she did the vet run for the SPCA, so Tana and I took the van to pick him up from the shelter. She insisted on riding in the front passenger seat on the way there, but I convinced her to sit on the back seat on the way home.

April 17th More wiring in the van, I ended up hacking the switches so that they'd sit under the shelf, and put the shelf back in. I figured I'll stop hacking it apart for a while, as it'll run now, and it seems a shame not to have it running when Russ visits next week :o)

Of course, after I decided this, the H4 headlights showed up, so I plugged them in (easy peasy). The trouble is that the lights dim visibly when you put on high beam, as the extra lights kick in... looks like a relay is called for.

April 16th We took Tana to the Bear dog park for a little run. She doesn't have an awful lot of energy at the moment, but seemed happy enough to run up and down the low A frame, and hop over the low jump bars. She even chased a ball a few times. We couldn’t get her to see the point of the tunnel, but that’s OK. She met a few dogs, and was generally fine with them.

I wired up 2 of the LED light pads in the van above the cooker and sink, and a fluorescent tube where the VW incandescent lights were fitted over the cupboard area. It was a lot of work to get the shelf in there out, and I'm concerned that it'll hit the switches on the way back in. I've been soldering the wires on, but I'm still not sure that there's enough clearance, so I might have to trim the centre contacts down a bit. I think I could run some wires from the front to the back of the van, so I'm tempted to do that while I can.
The spare wheel cover came in, and fits, although it's a bit big. We'll see if there's something I can do about that, but this was just an experiment after all.

April 15th I wired up 2 of the LED light pads in the van to replace the non-functioning lights in the cab - I figured out that there was just a crappy bit of wiring there, there was no reason why they couldn't have been figured out. The LEDs don't hang down as low, and are pretty bright, so I'm happy with them. I won't walk into them nearly as often :o)

April 14th As it was throwing it down with rain, we decided to go and do some shopping. Vic's looking for stuff for the garden, and I'm looking for stuff for the van. It ended up with me buying some LED lights from, of all places, IKEA, that should run on 12V without their power supply. In the evening, I sat and bodged some extra bulbs into the rear light units, where the fog lights would be if they had fog lights here. I also put brighter bulbs in the standard taillight slots. Now I just need to wait for the high mount brake light to show up, and I'll get that wired in. It makes it less likely that somebody'll slam into the back of us :o)

April 13th We took Tana to the vet's to take her stitches out. They came out no problem, but there are a couple of bits where it's not quite healed up enough - I'd have put a few more stitches in if it were me, but they say it's fine. We'll put some antiseptic ointment on it, and she'll wear the cone a little longer.

I got the bracketry made up for the spare wheel on the van, and with Vic's help, got the wheel hung on it. It looks good, but it'll look better when the cover arrives.

We did some grocery shopping, and I spent the evening fighting wrap rage - it shouldn't need more tools to get into a package of toilet rolls than it should to hijack a plane :o|

April 12th I got the remote central locking working on the van. I found some other instructions on the new-fangled interwebs, and despite the fact that both units are made by the same company, you need to connect blue to brown and green to white on the interconnection. That done, now the doors lock when the engine's running, unlock when you take the key out, and if you unlock them and don't open a door within a few minutes, it'll lock them again. I'm pretty happy with it, now I just need to get my head around how to disable the van through the alarm, as I'm not aiming to fit an irritating siren.

Vic called from the SPCA to say that the 2 litters of puppies are now available. Tiffany's suggested one of them for us, so I took Tana in the van and went to see them. They're all very cute, but we decided to pass, as we'll have Tana for a while yet, and right now she's in no condition to deal with a puppy running her ragged. There'll be more puppies, unfortunately.

April 11th I got up early - it was raining, so I played a little World of Warcraft before working on the van. I took the mounts off the back, sealed them so they wouldn't allow water into the body, and refitted them. Vic helped me get them tightened up before she went to work. While she was at work, I got the rest of the spare wheel carrier mounted, then found that the alloy wheel is too bloody wide to fit on the mount. I'll figure something out.

In the afternoon, I played some more Warcraft, meeting up with Andy and hammering out a few quests to get to level 37 with the hunter.

April 10th I made some more progress on the van - it takes a lot of measuring before I'll drill holes in the body :o) I got the top mount all sorted out, then found that I'd mounted the bracketry all wrong, so I took the bottom mount off and redid them properly.

I've added some memory to the PC, but it's playing up constantly and throwing PAGE_FAULTS and bluescreening. That'll be going back then. After running some memory tests (resulting in MATS+ failures), I ended up taking it out. I managed to play a little World of Warcraft in the evening. Tana's taken to sleeping the day away on the bed, and I have to get her onto her bed when it's time for bed :o)

April 9th I started to work properly on fitting the spare wheel carrier to the van. It mounts on the back, and looks cool, but the instructions are in German. I've peered at the pictures, and I think I know how it'll all go together, but it's taking a while to get everything together the way it needs to be. I've ended up using masking tape to mount things to the van so I can measure stuff. I drilled the holes and mounted the bottom mount to the van, having mounted the rear door bracket while I had it apart. It's downright painful to contort yourself to get your arm up in the bodywork, but that's 2 of the 3 mounts done now. I rewired the central locking controller to use the main battery, but the remote still doesn't work, so I need to look into that when I'm feeling stronger :o)

Tana spent the day rolling around on the grass in the back or front garden, depending on where Vic was working and whether I could keep an eye on her. She's started running through the back garden, and the faster she runs, the less noticeable the missing leg is.

April 8th I spent the day working on the wiring for the van. Sadly, the remote central locking doesn't work yet (I think it's because the central locking is on the auxiliary battery and the alarm is on the main battery, so they don't talk), but I'll get that figured out soon. While we were in the garage, Tana tried to jump in through the driver's door window on the Subaru. She didn't make it, and landed pretty hard. She seems fine now though, but I do have some nasty scratches to try and polish out. She's desperate to go for a ride in the car, so maybe when she gets the stitches out, we'll oblige her by going for a ride from time to time.

April 7th I didn't feel comfortable leaving Tana alone all day, so I skipped going to the SPCA today. We just pottered around the house, watched some of the stuff on the TiVo and played World of Warcraft. I met Andy's toon, and we hit a bunch of quests that got my hunter to level 35 :o) Now we'll run down to Feathermoon to get the artisan alchemy quest, as I want to make some potions for a warlock quest towards the epic horsey.

April 6th Vic carried on working on her SPCA course, and I carried on working on the van. I didn't feel up to the alarm wiring, so I've made a new front number plate mount and run the wiring into the rear door for the (hopeful) rear door remote release and 2 extra speakers back there. I need to find some reasonable 4" speakers to replace the junk that came with the van, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

We took Tana to the vet for her checkup and the pain patch removal. She still tries to lick at her stitches, so she's stuck with the lampshade for another 10 days or so, but otherwise everything's fine there. She got to roll around in the grass in the sun in the front garden while we were out there fiddling with things.

April 5th Tana slept a lot better, and in the morning she laid in the office while Vic worked on a class she's going to give at the SPCA this weekend.

I wired up the central locking controller in the van. It seems to work OKish, but there's not quite enough travel to make the switches move every single time - when you use a key to unlock the door, it doesn't unlock the other one. No matter, when the alarm's fitted, that'll give me a keyless entry system that should happily unlock the doors. I hope. I looked at the rat's nest of wiring, and the 35 or so wires that the alarm needs, and figured that I'll wait a while before ploughing into that any further :o)

Tana's managed to pull the drain tube out of her chest - as she's wearing the lampshade all of the time, I think she's lent on it or something. I called the vet, and they said not to worry about it, so I won't worry about it. The good news is that she's not leaking blood all over the place now, so I'm not spending all my time wiping the floor.

April 4th I spent the morning working on replacing the burned parts of the wiring (and fitting a fuse box to prevent this happening again) in the van while Tana laid on her bed and watched to make sure I didn't make any more mistakes. She kept hopping into the van, then struggling to get out again, so she's obviously feeling a lot better. As they were short on staff at the SPCA, I rode the KLX in for a few hours in the afternoon / evening (the Hawk's started making a weird chirping noise that suggests new exhaust gaskets are needed to me). When I got home, Tana'd broken through the puppy gate I put up to keep her in the hallway, and been sleeping on the sofa. It's easy to track her, as she's still weeping fluid from the drain in her chest, so there;s a thin blood solution drying wherever she settles for a little while.

April 3rd I got up early, as I had to ride the Hawk to the SPCA to get the Subaru so I could pick up Tana from the vet's. She was still pretty drugged, but she gamely got into the car without too much drama. When we got home, she couldn't get out again, so I got Jim to help me lift her crate out of the car. She then walked into the house without too much drama and fell asleep on one of Chloe's old dog beds.

Later on, she was starting to fuss at her chest drain tube, so I've had to put a lampshade on her. That's caused her more distress than losing the leg, I think. The neighbours came and visited her, so now we know she doesn't protect the house (didn't even bark at the door bell), and is happy to meet new people.

April 2nd I rode the Hawk down to the Bay Area for my exit interview with Samsung. While my bum aches, it was worth it to filter through traffic or take the car pool lane most of the way :o)

April 1st I spent the day working on the van - I figured out a way to mount the lock in the sliding door, and I've decided that with the rear door, it should be possible to use the lock for a remote tailgate release. I've also replaced the wiring to the front door speakers, and put better insulation in the three doors that I've got back together. When I was pushing the stereo back in, I managed to catch the permanent live wire in such a way that it shorted out. There was a little fire and a lot of smoke as the insulation melted, so now I have to rewire that, and hope that the stereo's OK. Oh well... 2 steps forward, 1 step back.