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July 30th In World of Warcraft, I managed to get my warrior up to level 62, and made the time to go and pick up the epic donkey. Well, it's a tiger, but that's not the point.

July 29th I took the new gear change knob off the van, and it changes into 3rd. I put it back on, and it still changes into 3rd. I had though that maybe the new knob was pushing down on the button slightly, but it wasn't. I'll keep an eye on that, but it looks like something I'll just ignore for the moment.

In the afternoon, we went for Vic's hang gliding lesson. One of her fellow pupils got to jump off the hill for the first time at the end of the day, and I took a couple of pictures that I'll send him.

July 28th We spent the whole day doing all the dumb stuff that's been piling up around the house since we were away last weekend. Cutting the grass, stuff like that.

I took the van for a drive, only to find it wouldn't get into 3rd gear. That's weird. We went home and picked up the Subaru, but I later checked the ATF level, and it was fine. There's no sign of gear oil contamination, and everything else looks OK. Weird. The only change recently was the gear change knob, but that's mechanical, and I can't see it causing a problem.

July 26th I put a new gear change knob on the van, as the old one is worn in such a way that it resonated really annoyingly at around 65mph.

Later, in World of Warcraft, I managed to get my warrior up to level 61.

July 23rd Mum called to say that Granny Mac had passed away during the night :o(

I then spent most of the work day trying to ignore a complete douchebag at work, and failing miserably. It's a shame you can't Fedex somebody a kick in the teeth, it really is. Hey, there's a business opportunity...

July 22nd We slept pretty well on the side of the hill at Laguna Seca, then got up and ate breakfast, packed up and hiked up to the circuit to watch the MotoGP race. We were camped out in front of the hill that the corkscrew's on the back of. That meant we could see the front half of the track, and got to watch the latest round in the tyre wars - I swear the tyres are the deciding factor this year :o(

So, Valentino didn't win, and he's now some 44 points behind Stoner :o( At least he was the front Michelin rider. Again.

After the race, we hiked back to the van and began the tortuous process of getting out of the area... would it kill them to put up some real signage, and fire the idiots managing the traffic flow? After a U-Turn, we found the exit we needed was behind the "Gate closed" sign. The gate wasn't closed. Sigh. Anyway, after a dreary drive out of Salinas, we tripped along gaily until a fire in the central reservation (probably caused by an errant cigarette butt) near Stockton. We eventually got home after 9pm, and headed straight for bed.

July 21st Neither of us slept particularly well in the van on the side of the hill at Laguna Seca, but we got up and met Jim in the pits. It was cool to walk about and chat with him. Eventually Vic went and crashed out, and I watched the MotoGP qualifying. It's amazing that Kurtis Roberts didn't get a smack for taking out Marco Melandri in turn 3, but hey, what do I know?

July 20th I sloped out of work early, and we headed to Laguna Seca in the van to watch the MotoGP race. It wasn't the worst journey in the world, other than when we got there and they didn't have a clue how to deal with everybody. The camp sites weren't signposted anywhere, which means there were lots of people driving around asking for directions. We were on the home straight, heading for our site when Valentino Rossi pulled in front of us in one of the little golf cart things they use for transit down there... he and his passenger were flinging the thing around at 25mph going down towards where all the transporters were parked for the weekend, and it was funny to watch :o). We eventually got to the site, to find that all the flat spaces had already been taken, so we ended up on the side of a hill. We started off leaning sideways, so I turned the van so that at least our heads would be uphill.

We set up our little area, had something to eat and them met Rich to watch The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid, the story of the first MotoGP race at Laguna Seca, on their big projector screen outside their RV. Of course, they had flat space, having got there on Wednesday :o)

There were, I believe, 3 other Vanagons there, but I reckon ours was the nicest :o)

July 18th Vince called from the airfield to say that the doors on the hangar have been fixed. Now I can open and close them, hopefully, I should get over there and take the Rans out for a spin. If the weather'll cooperate, of course... it's been pretty windy recently :o(

July 16th A short time in World of Warcraft saw me get my warlock to level 70. That's in just under 18 days of playing time. Now, I can focus on getting the epic donkey quest out of the way, or maybe drag my 60 warrior up a few levels :o)

July 15th I spent the morning killing time before the MotoGP race from Germany. It sucked to see Rossi crash out, but thankfully Stoner didn't get to drag out that many more points on him. While it sucked to see the poison dwarf win a race (his first in a year), at least it won't affect anything important. Yet.

Vic's hang gliding lesson went better than last month's. I think we're starting to collect information about gliders with a view to buying one :o)
There was a guy there with a little Scion, and a ladder on the roof rack to carry the glider. Great, that'd probably work out on the Subaru, but eventually I think we'll end up with a roof rack on the van.

July 14th I hung around waiting for John to call, as he was in San Francisco for the weekend. When he did call, to say he was going to Jim's in Petaluma, I hopped in the van and headed out. An hour later, I'd got 22.7 miles, as I-80 was crawling. As I'd have another 90 odd miles to go, I called John and said I wasn't going to make it :o(

I played a little World of Warcraft, but I can't find a group of people to help me with my epic donkey quest :o(

July 12th I've spent a lot of time looking at the weird weather... it's been blowy, and the pressure's been changing a lot. No chance of flying the Rans :o( Hell, last night it even rained!

I've been playing World of Warcraft, and tonight my warlock made level 69 ;o)

July 8th I started out the day by figuring out my gearchange problem on the YSR. A circlip had come off, and the washer it was holding fell behind the gear selector fork and stopped you from changing up. If I could have got it into 5th gear, I would have been OK to change down, but I couldn't change up. I buttoned it back up and rode it up and down the road a few times at up to 20mph. The rear brake needs adjusting, I need to figure out why the indicators don't flash (wattage? Maybe...) and get the headlights and horn sorted out. Oh, and get all the controls working, and the oil pump bled through so that it works. Then I can see what the regulatory hurdles are to re-register it to ride on the road legally :o)

George, the runny babbit who's been staying with us all week, got picked up by his people. Ah, other than a few extra guinea pigs, we're back to normal :o)

July 7th I started the day walking dogs at the SPCA, but I didn't feel like working behind the desk when they opened as they've put a bunch of kittens there, and the smell, plus being allergic to them, ruins it for me. So, I went home and did very little for a while.

Later I met Andy in World of Warcraft, and we cranked out a couple of group quests in Hellfire Peninsula.

July 6th Tana's people got back from their trip, and came and picked her up. The house is getting back to normal :o)

Victoria's sister was visiting friends in the Bay Area, so dropped in for a visit. She's nice, and there's talk about another visit in October.

July 5th I managed to meet up with Andy in World of Warcraft and kill Araj. Now I had the key, we headed to Scholomance, where we were getting roundly whipped until a couple of helpful 70s showed up and did most of the hard work for us. I now have everything, I just need to go to Dire Maul for the final summoning quest. Jeez, this is starting to seem like work.

July 4th Today was Independence Day, which Americans celebrate by going shopping. I started the day by playing World of Warcraft - I managed to get my warlock to level 68. I then decided to look into progressing my epic donkey quests with a run to Scholomance. I've read stuff that says if you're careful, you can solo this. Great, I show up to find I need a key. I started the quests for this, and got stuck at the last part. I needed to kill a level 61 elite - doable. But he's guarded by 2 57 elites, 2 60s and 5 58s. I died a couple of times trying to do this in the right order before giving up.

I went into the garage and looked at the YSR - since I added the kick starter gear and oil pump back, it won't change into 2nd. I took the engine cases off, and it looks like it still won't change into 2nd, so I gave up on that for the day. I did get to build a wiring loom for the YSR that Jason's left here, so that's getting closer to being built. Don't applaud, it's maybe 15 minutes' work :o)

It was a quiet evening, watching Galaxy Quest to distract Tana from the fireworks - she wouldn't go out into the garden before bed :o(

July 3rd We had a quiet day, and I got Jim's printers talking on his network in the evening. We then went home to keep Tana company with the early fireworks.

July 2nd After work, we took the van to pick up Tana up. Her pet people are going away, so she'll be looking after us for a couple of days. She was happy to see us, but (I think) happier to see the van :o)

In the evening I managed to get my warlock to level 67 in World of Warcraft, so the day wasn't a total loss.

July 1st I started the day by getting the fork oil changed on the Hawk, then I changed the oil in the Subaru. It's good to be home, but I wish I didn't have so many outstanding jobs to do all the time... I'm not getting enough time to play World of Warcraft!

In the evening, we watched the marvellous MotoGP race from Assen.