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February 29th Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park to try and run some of the energy out of her. She failed, so came home again. While they were pottering around in the garden, they spoke to Jim, next door, and he brought two of his daschunds, Ellie Mae and Alex, over. Alex ran Tilly's legs off, so she was eventually tired out :o)

The gray water tank for the van still leaks, so I'll probably end up doing things a little differently. Oh well.

I got a crapload of interest in the iPhone from Craigslist, and I managed to get it sold. Sucker.

I've got another guy interested in the KLX, and we've spoken on the phone - who knows, maybe he'll come and actually buy the thing :o)

February 28th I played with building the gray water tank for the van - I tried gluing bits together, but they leaked. I took it apart again, and made it stick together further, and again, it leaked, so I glued everything together to see if that works any better. Here's hoping.

I'd been talking to some clown a discerning consumer who was looking for an iPhone, but he suddenly disappeared, so I've advertised it on Craigslist.

February 27th My iPhone arrived, so now I just need to find a sucker punter to unload it on sell it to :o)

I was working away, as you do, when I got a phone call. It was a funny conversation:

Troy: Hello, this is Officer Fergusson from Roseville Animal Control
Me: Hi Troy
Troy: Do I know you?
Heh - when I told him I was the Dug at the SPCA he figured out who I was :o) Anyway, it seems that Tilly lost her tags at the Bear dog park on Monday, so he dropped them off with Victoria when he was at the SPCA.

In the evening, I made a start on building a gray water tank for the van - basically I'm trying to make something to store used water, as it seems a little anti-social to just drop it on the ground.

February 25th It finally stopped raining and being overcast enough that the solar panel setup generated some electricity - when it's raining, we don't even keep up with the house's usage, but when it's sunny, we generate more than we use for most of the day. I think we generated about 10KWh today... that's over $1's worth! The main thing is that we're over 700lbs of CO2 saved. You're welcome.

Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park while I toiled.

Things have gone quiet on the KLX front... typically. Still, with the miserable weather we've been having recently, I figure people aren't out looking for bikes. I did get a guy offering to swap his VFR750 for it, but I pointed out that I wanted fewer bikes, rather than different ones. I'd consider his VFR if he takes the Hawk too though :o)

February 24th The morning started the night before, thanks to Tilly's penchant for tennis balls. While I was fiddling with the computer, Norton's popped up to say there was an update, so in my usual "whatever" state of mind, I allowed it to install the update. I had to reboot for it to finish installing, then again when it had finished... this last time, it was the joyful "whatever the hell you do, I'm going to reboot" window. It then proceeded to take forever to reboot. All this, and I believe that there's only about a month left on the subscription. I finally called it quits and deleted the pile of rancid lark's vomit. I'm looking forward to faster reboots, and a lot less aggravation. I'd already turned off some of it's functionality because it interfered with AVG Free.

After a brief sleep, I started work on de-converting the KLX, I figure this is the best way of ensuring that the bike that sells will be the Hawk. While I was doing that, George from hang gliding showed up and got Victoria's harness all adjusted to suit her. It's been raining for a few days, so no flying, and he was in the area.

It's been cold, windy and wet for as long as I can remember now - if this is global warming, you can keep it.

In the evening, I went and sat in the hot tub, as I was sore and achy. Victoria came and joined me after a while, and Tilly eventually managed to get in. She misjudged the step off a seat and went under a few times, but eventually wound up swimming in circles in the deep middle area, and having a great time.
She drank so much water that I then spent most of the night letting her out to pee.

I need a vacation.

February 23rd Victoria was teaching a critter class at the SPCA, and the weather precluded Tilly going to the Bear dog park. She didn't want to go for a normal walk, either, so I went out without her. I picked up a bunch of parts for a project I have in mind on the van. I also got a couple of light fittings for the house, then went to the SPCA and walked a couple of dogs. When we got home, I set to work installing the new light fittings, then combining the guts of one of the ones I'd taken down with another that didn't work consistently, and everything's just dandy.

I got another email from somebody interested in the KLX, so I think I should probably start thinking about de-converting it soon.

Tilly had spent the evening tearing apart and eating tennis balls, so she was sick shortly after we went to bed. I got up, took her out, cleared everything up then couldn't sleep. Oh well... the blog needed updating anyway :o)

February 22nd Because of the weather, Vic couldn't take Tilly to the Bear dog park, so they traipsed around the house all day getting under my feet :o)

I got some good news - I've apparently won an 8gb iPhone in an internet competition (that I did enter). I was pretty sceptical about the whole thing, but they've sent me a UPS tracking ID and everything, so we'll see. The thing is, I have to carry a cellphone for work, so the last thing I want is to carry _2_ cellphones. Hmmm... do I sell it? Try and swap it for a 16Gb iPod touch? I did think about giving it to Victoria, but she's a bit of a luddite when it comes to phones, and the $60 minimum monthly charge for an iPhone seems like a lot for the 3 phone calls a month she makes.

February 21st The weather's turned crappy again, with extended periods of pissy being forecast. I took this opportunity to play a little World of Warcraft, and got my hunter to level 61. I'm playing in Outlands now, so it's suddenly a lot harder than it was :o)

February 20th I had a couple of emails about the KLX, so it's possible that that'll get sold in the not too distant future. In the evening, Tilly and I went out to look at the lunar eclipse a couple of times. Well, I looked at the eclipse, she ran around the garden like a mad thing in the dark. I did try looking through my telescope, but I couldn't get it to focus, so it's probably been knocked a little hard since I last used it. I'll have to take a look at that some time.

February 19th I've been thinking about getting shot of one of the bikes for a while, as I rarely ride - most of the time I'm going somewhere I have a reason to take the Subaru or the van. I figured I'll advertise the Hawk and the KLX on Craigslist and keep whichever one doesn't sell - I can't decide which one I'd rather keep :o).

February 18th It was President's Day, when Americans celebrate George Washington's birthday by going shopping. As I now work for a company that doesn't seem to give as many holidays as the rest of the civilised world, I got to work. Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park, while I stayed at home and chased after my last W2 form so I can finish my taxes. There's a lot of finger pointing going on, but I'm hoping I should get it this week - legally it was supposed to be here by the 15th.

February 17th We took Tilly to the Bear dog park again, then Victoria spend the day reorganising the critters, while I ended up trying unsuccessfully to sleep and to get the parts to make a gray water tank for the van. I did manage to make progress on the mount for the laptop screen for the carputer, I just need to drill some holes and see if I can temper it after all the bending it's endured recently.

February 16th We took Tilly to the Bear dog park so she could play with her friends and get rid of some energy. Tilly and I entertained the crowds with our "swinging the dog by the tennis ball" trick, and one of the fathers there started swinging his kids around. I wanted to say it didn't count unless they were holding on by their teeth, but figured it was best to keep my mouth shut. See? I'm all about tact.

In the afternoon we went hang gliding. Well, we went to the tow site, and watched Larry put together his brand new glider, and then watched them put together Alex's brand new glider. Eventually it looked like everybody was ready to commit aviation, and Victoria lined up, only to not fly because George wanted her to do turns, meaning she'd either land in the dry but downwind, or in the waterlogged swamp. Still, Tilly got even more of a run, and she always likes seeing Tiger.

February 14th Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park, and came home with some stuff from the pet store, including a rawhide bone. Tilly tried to bury it in the garden, then she tried to hide it in the house until I took it away from her for safekeeping. Silly little animal, doesn't she realise that nobody but her cares about this disgusting thing?

I've had ideas about replacing the Subaru with something more suited to what we want out of it... a bit more utilitarian for carrying stuff, plus the plugging around in fields hang gliding. In the evening, we went and test drove a Jeep Wrangler. Oh dear. At first, it felt like I was beating the crap out of it, but I was driving it pretty much how I drive the van. And then both of us thought it was gutless, even with the (wow, 190hp) 4 litre engine. I'll go back to the drawing board on that one...

February 11th Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park while I stayed at home to work and pay the bills. They also picked up two new toys, which Tilly's already torn open. So we have stuffing all over the house - it's amazing how much they pack into a dog toy.

I read this, which makes it look like one day, hopefully soon, there'll be stem cell treatments for spinal cord injuries. Of course, it'll be expensive :o(

February 10th We took Tilly to the Bear dog park and let her play with first the small, then the big, then the small again dogs. She had a great time, then went home. Vic went to the SPCA to teach a critter care class, and I crashed out for a bit. I have no idea why I'm so tired, it must be lack of sleep with Tilly walking all over me at night :o)

February 9th I wasted the day tidying the house, cutting the grass, clearing the gutters, chopping lumps off the trees and so on.

February 8th I spent a little time in World of Warcraft, and got my hunter up to level 60. Vic took Tilly to the Bear dog park and wore her out, before we went down to Lodi for a parachute clinic for the hang gliding.

February 7th A guy showed up from the old wireless internet provider to take their box off the roof. 2 years after I cancelled the service. And I took the box off the roof, as I was sick of looking at it. I told him it had sat on the porch for a couple of months waiting for them, and to not bother me about it again... jeez, some people.

February 6th I had to laugh when I read this, as it appears that people are spending less time outdoors, and more time watching TV and on the computer. Of course, the only way to see this would be on your TV, or with your computer :o)

February 5th Roseville Electric sent out a guy to replace my meter, now I have the solar panel system. It's cool - as opposed to a stupid little wheel spinning around, there's a digital display. I was without power for 5 minutes or so, but when it came on, it registered 0 KWh, and slowly turned backwards to 99996 or so. This was cool - of course, I got a little concerned when I was generating nearly 2KW, and it didn't move that much, but we have to remember that I'm using some 600W in the house. Duh.

February 4th I did a bit of work on the bracket for the screen for the carputer in the van. The bad news is that I'm going to need to cut away more than I thought I was going to, to make it work. I just hope it's strong enough when it's finished. My battery powered Dremel has given up the ghost, and the nasty little Chinese "rotary tool" that I'm using now was worth the $7.49 it cost, but barely :o)

February 3rd The weather's sucking too much to go hang gliding, so I repaired some of the damage in the garden from Tilly's digging. It was Superbowl Sunday, so we watched the puppy bowl. Tilly was entranced :o)

February 2nd We keep talking about jacking it all in and living in an RV while driving around the country, so we went and looked at a few at a local dealer's. We seem to like a 29' Winnebago, rather than the huge 37' ones that people seem to go for these days. Still, it'll be a while, and it would be nice to take a test drive in one of them before getting too excited.

In the evening we went to Fred and Marsha's for dinner and to play cards - I also dropped off Fred's PC which I'd fixed by doing nothing to, other than taking it apart and putting it back together.

February 1st We went out to dinner with Scott and Becky - we haven't seen them since New Year's, mostly because everybody's lost the will to live due to the weather. They came over afterwards, to see how Tilly's grown, and she promptly peed on the floor the second she got out of her crate. Oh well.

Scott's taken the carputer away to do the soldering to extend the video cable (hopefully), so that's something off my list of things to do :o)