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May 31st I scooted over to the airfield and glued, then put resin on the prop.

May 30th I went to the airfield to take the Rans out. Greg was there, so we pulled my plane out and chatted, then I noticed another chip in the prop. It's the same blade as last time :o(.

We just stood around and chatted, then put the S-17 away and left.

May 29th Today was a holiday, when Americans remember their dead war veterans by shopping. I spent the morning getting the few dogs that were left in the SPCA walked, then went home and worked on tidying up the garden a little. Roseville has joined the 20th century, and we now have green waste bins, so I figured it would be rude not to fill the thing up with hedge clippings and grass. Especially as most people seem to pay a gardener to cut their grass, so they'll have empty bins most of the time.

The flyer that came with the bin says that they'll be picking them up every 2 weeks, and they'll be using the contents for compost. It's just an experiment, but hopefully they'll soon be dropping off recycling bins too, and then my standard bin can be replaced by a carrier bag.

May 28th I went to the SPCA for most of the day, then ended up spending the evening playing World of Warcraft.

May 27th I went to Infineon Raceway with Jason , so he could get some race take-offs for his R1. We ended up spending the afternoon watching races and swapping wheels in and out for a couple of guys :o)

May 24th Jason was stuck in a hotel room in Morgan Hill, so we spent the evening playing World of Warcraft.

May 22nd Today was Chloe's "birthday", so we went for a long walk, and ate lots of ice when we got home :o)

She then had her favourite dinner of dry kibble, and got to destroy a new soft toy.

May 21st Jason picked me up, so we could go to Infineon Raceway to watch the day's AMA Superbike race. The Superstock race beforehand got red flagged after 8 laps when a motor let go, and was done then. The weather was closing in, and the Superbike race was run a little early, but it finished fine. The following Supersport race was canned after 3 laps because of the rain.

Martin, who used to race YSRs, was in the Superbike race on his Superstock GSXR1000, and managed to not come last :o)

When we were done there, we drove home in the rain, then met the family Serne for dinner. Afterwards, we went back to their house to see their mutt, Katie, who they adopted from the SPCA a little while back.

I spent a few hours playing World of Warcraft, then went to bed.

May 20th I spent the day at the SPCA as usual, then in the evening decided to get my own World of Warcraft account, only to find the authentication servers were down. I tried every 20 - 30 minutes while watching a movie, and eventually got in. I've built a new character, and got her up to level 8 in about 3 hours.

It's a bit quicker when you know where the quests are :o)

May 19th I'm apparently not the only one still playing World of Warcraft, and Jason was surprised I didn't have a picture of my Ninja Night Elf on the website.

May 18th I fed Chloe early, and headed over to Jason 's so we could ride to Sportbike Night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento to see Neil Hodgson. Unfortunately there'd been a SNAFU, and there was no PA system, meaning no interview. So, everybody just said "hi" to Neil and got a poster before he had to leave to get back to Infineon Raceway for this weekend's AMA Superbike race. He agreed with me that American chocolate is crap :o)

May 17th I went to the airfield and took the Rans out for a little while. While there was very little wind, it was pretty bumpy. It's nice to get back to flying in shorts and a T-shirt :o) When I checked my little strobes, the right hand one has stopped working, I'm hoping it's a wiring problem, but I can always replace it. As the left one is still working, that would suggest that the controller's OK.

May 15th I got all pumped up and took the for a ride - the first time this year. Duh, if it's 100F and too windy to fly, cycling isn't the best idea...

It's weird, as I guess everybody else is late to starting to ride this year, too, as a lot of the trails are overgrown. There are also sink holes and one area's being torn up to concrete over, by the look of things. I might have to make up a few new routes.

May 14th I just pottered around the house until it was time to watch the MotoGP race from China :o) What a surprise, a front tyre delaminating - looks like it'll be an interesting series this year :o)

May 13th I was going to go to the SPCA, but Vince called to say that everybody was going to a Cystic Fibrosis fundraising fly-in at Rio Linda. I checked the web page, and it said "ultralights verbotten", so rather than take the Rans, I took the Hawk.

Having spoken to the airfield owner, he said I could have flown in - ultralights weren't considered "safe" when Mather Field was running lots of heavy aircraft, so maybe next year.

While I was there, Ray mentioned that he was having problems with his stereo setup, so I went home via his place. Seems there were a few wiring issues, which we managed to sort out. He invited me to play poker in the evening, where I managed to lose $30. Oh well :o)

May 11th I went over to Scott and Becky's for dinner, and later Jason came over and we went for a ride - I was on the Hawk. Note to self, wear a clear visor when you might be riding at night :o)

May 10th My manager came up for a meeting, so Chloe got to fawn all over him as usual. Anybody would think she was after a job :o)

May 7th I just kicked around the house, expecting to be able to watch the WSB races in the afternoon like usual, but for some reason Speed didn't show the races until the evening :o( So, rather than Chloe and I sitting down with a Coke float (she gets some ice cream in her bowl) to watch that, we just caught up on some general TV.

After that, I went to the airfield and finished mounting my little lights to the Rans. I then did a few circuits to see if they'd blow up, and they didn't. I didn't want to be out too much longer, as it took me a bit longer than I'd expected, and I can always fly another day :o)

Then I watched the WSB races :o)

May 6th It was the annual pet fair at the SPCA, so I started there early, and worked late. Honestly, it's like having a job, but without benefits or a salary :o)

May 4th Scott came over and helped me with the lights on the Rans, specifically soldering the 16 connections for the wires through the wings. Nearly there - I just need to wire in the regulator / rectifier now :o)

May 2nd Well, the dentist basically Dremelled the tooth smooth. I could have done that :o)

Having peered at the dashboard in the van, I've figured out that the bulb holders don't seem to be making contact with the bulbs, so I'll have to look into that.

I've hacked the rear light clusters so that the unused fog lights now hold extra brake light bulbs :o)

May 1st Great, I've chipped a tooth. Before you accuse me of using my teeth to strip wire (I do) or open beer bottles (I don't), it's on the outside of a molar.

I sense a trip to the dentist in my near future :o(

I got some new bulbs (Sylvania number 74, for reference) for the dashboard in the van, put them in, put the dash all back together only to find that they still don't light up.
I'm thinking there's a little wiring problem there, woo hoo.

I was just playing around with the rear light clusters when Dorothy came over to say "hi". Seems she's cancelled her satellite TV service, so I spent a little time taking the old dish off her roof and throwing it in the bin :o)