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August 31st We wore Tilly out, then sat and watched Defiance, another movie that Vince had lent us. This is a cheerful little ditty about Russian Jews hiding from the Nazis in WWII. Not enough space battles :o)

August 30th After trying to wear Tilly out, we sat and watched Amelia, another movie that Vince had lent us. It's a shame they focussed on the love story rather than the flying, but overall it was entertaining, if maybe not so accurate :o)

August 29th We lazed around most of the day, then I went out to look at the DRZ, to find that the dark thing I could see in the tank was actually something lying in it. I spent a while with a piece of wire on the end of a long thin bar and hooked it out - it's the bottom of the cap gasket. A little investigation later and I found that they tear and drop off. Bugger. That's something I'll have to replace, then keep an eye on.

As the day wore on, I headed over to the airfield and pulled the Flightstar out for a bunch of circuits. It was busier than I'm used to seeing it, but everybody seemed to get along OK. I packed everything away just as it was getting dark.

August 28th We started the day off lazily enough, then went and met Vince and Larry for lunch. We took the van, then headed up to Auburn to go to a motorcycle shop closing down sale, only it was already completely closed :o( So, we headed home again.

Later on I took the DRZ out to see if it was running better with the airbox and carb work - yes, it's a lot snappier off the throttle :o)

In the evening, we watched The Mutant Chronicles, something Vince had lent us. The cinematography was good, but the story... not so much. I always like to know why things are happening, rather just that they happened.

August 27th We barbecued, and Vince came over for dinner and to play with Tilly.

August 26nd After a long day at work, we decided to go out for dinner, and Vince joined us.

August 25th Now Fred's walking better, we all went out to dinner.

August 24th We watched Clash of the Titans. It wasn't as bad as the old one.

August 22nd I, for one, was pretty tired after yesterday, so I lazed around for a while, then looked at the oil leak on Vic's bike. I think I've got that fixed, and when we went to meet Jen and Gwen for lunch, I picked up some oil so I could change it when we got home, which I did.

August 21st I got up pretty early and played with Tilly, then got up on the roof and washed the solar panels. We then got in the van and headed to San Rafael to see John and Jim - John's in town and crashing with Jim. It was nice to see everybody, and swim in their saline pool. We had a barbecue in the early evening, then sat around talking for a while before driving home again.

August 20th We barbecued, and Vince came over to partake. Just as we were starting to eat, Tom called to say he'd taken off from Freedom Field without the radiator cap screwed on, and was in a field about 4 miles away. So Vince went to get his trailer and pick him up.

August 18th The jet kit came in for the DRZ, so I went to install that. I started off getting the needle in just fine, but needed to take the carb out to get the float bowl off. We ended up having to hammer the screws out - they're incredibly tight and made of cheese. Luckily the kit comes with replacement allen screws. The bike started OK, but ran a bit fast until I got the throttle cable adjusted correctly.

August 17th After a hard day at work, we watched Furry Vengeance, a bit of a kids' movie, but with a lot of people we recognise from TV.

August 16th After work we had talked about going to the airfield, but I was too tired, so we watched The Crazies, a pretty good sort of horror movie.

August 15th I tinkered around with the awning and got it bolted to the van. The uprights are hugely too long with all the posts in, but I realised that I could probably make up a mount to go in the jacking points on the van, which would make things a bit tidier. On the list... I'm not going to do that today.

Once again I wasted most of the afternoon, then played with Tilly to tire her out, so we could go to the airfield. I was preflighting the Flightstar when a friend of Ken's stopped by and chatted for a while - we finally got away and went for a flight. We ended up watching the powered parachutes from Athens tootle around at 10' and 20 mph. When we got back, we chatted to Jack for a while before heading home.

August 14th I tinkered around with the awning that Dad sent over for the van, now I know what it looks like. The instructions aren't good (1. Put up awning. 2. Attach it to the van) so I couldn't figure out how to attach it to the van. Still, I know how it goes together. I emailed Dad for help, and he sent back what looks like the answer, but I'd packed it all away by then.

I dinked around the house, and played with Tilly until she didn't want to chase the ball any more, then we went to the airfield and pulled the Flightstar out for a nip around the patch. Sid had taken off as we arrived, and we saw him while we were out and about. He waited for us having landed, so I didn't have to pull his plane back out to put mine away :o) I did put Todd's S-14 at the back, but things are very tight, so I'll swap that back next time we got out.

August 13th Mark was driving past on his way home to San Jose, so we met for lunch. He's married now, so we got to meet Yali (sp?).

August 12th Today was Tilly's birthday, so she got new toys, vegetables and whipped cream. Her favourites. We wore her out playing in the garden, then watched The Ghostwriter, which was pretty good. Ewan McGregor's acting was almost as bad as in the Star Wars prequels :o)

August 11th We met Vince for dinner. Seems the Hawaii move is off, but he might still go there for a bit to be sure.

August 10th We watched Kick-Ass, which was excellent. There's a setup for a sequel at the end, so they can still totally screw it up yet though.

August 9th Vic got home. No problems, she just missed me and Tillamook the piggies after a week away from home. She was tired, but glad to be home. That could just be the long drive though.

August 8th I tidied up the house and garden, threw the ball until Tilly was too tired to bring it back, then headed to the airfield. I had intended to take the Flightstar out, but it was quite windy. I cleaned the plane up, and put some fuel in it, then watched the big guys not landing so well. I gave up and headed home.

August 7th I tried working out the awning Dad had got me, but without instructions, it's too hard. The elastic on the fibreglass poles has broken, so I don't know how many of those there are - the 4 bits of elastic would suggest 2 poles, but I could be wrong. Dad emailed me a picture of it, and it looks like I have too many pieces of acrylic. Oh, and it'll be hard to make it work without the van to bolt it to. Oh well. I headed out into the garage and got the soft top cover fitted to the Jeep. This is actually quite good, as suddenly you can use the back to store stuff again, as the top's rolled up and out of the way.

In the late afternoon / early evening, I went to the airfield and reorganised the hangar to make it easier for Larry to get out, and for us to get out without having to move his trike. After that, I pulled the Flightstar out. Sid showed up just as I was getting ready to leave, and we said "hi", and he asked what I was doing driving Vic's Jeep. I did 3 touch and goes as there was a bit of a crosswind, and it was gusty. The practice is always nice, especially when I don't have a passenger to scare with the turn from base to finals :o) When Sid was taking off, I tootled over to Athens and saw the parachute guys putting their stuff away. I got there at around 22mph ground speed, but got back at around 64mph (I cruise around slowly, especially when I'm on my own). There was nobody around, so I did a 45 degree downwind join for a change (I usually go to the West and do an overhead join). Sid landed just as I was chatting with Jack - he'd flown last night.

After putting everything away I headed home, then remembered I'd left the second headset on one of the chairs in our "kitchen". Bugger.

August 2nd Vic took the van and headed to Santa Cruz for some time painting and getting away from Tilly and me. We have instructions on how to care for the pigs and fish.

I called Vince to see if Larry was going to be at the airfield - seems he got there last night. We actually saw him and Vince flying together, but when the closer plane broke off towards Lincoln, and we could see it was a trike, we assumed that Vince was going to play around before going home. Fine, I figured I'd just spend the evening lazing around and catching up on stuff.

August 1st I got up on the roof and washed the solar panels, then decided to tinker with the new carb for the DRZ. I took the seat and side panels off to cut a 3x3 hole in the airbox (it lets it breathe better). I then struggled and managed to get the stock carb off. I couldn't see any way that I could get the new carb on - I put them side by side, and the engine side adapter is about 1" - 1.5" too long on the new one. There's no way that'll ever fit. As we had a SPCA volunteer dinner thing to go to, Vic helped me throw it all back together, and we headed out. I then remembered as we drove away that I hadn't reconnected the throttle cable. Oh well - if I stay with the stock carb, I'll be needing to reject it now anyway.

After the volunteer dinner, we went to the airfield. Larry's supposed to be moving into the hangar, so we were going to help him get settled. Jack was there, and we chatted to him for a while, then Vince showed up and told us that Larry wasn't coming up - he was stuck in traffic the last time Vince had spoken to him. We watched Jack and Vince take off, then headed home.