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April 30th Without anything better to do, I started the day tinkering with stuff. We'd had problems with one of the garage door openers, so I went out to take a look at that. It seemed like it should be OK, but there was a lot of filings inside it, which suggested something needed lubrication, so I was opening it to spray some in when the drive shaft broke. I manually lifted it, got the Jeep and van out and took it off the roof - a bushing had failed, allowing the drive shaft to rub on the case, cutting through itself. Great. Well, there's no easy way to fix this, so I just went and bought a new one and installed that. And that was pretty much my day... woo hoo.

April 27th Today, my World of Warcraft subscription expired. Hello, outside world!

April 26th I've been having a bunch of trouble with my hosting provider, and suffered over 2 days of downtime last week. I've been looking at alternatives, and I've forwarded the mail stuff to the Google to look after. It's fairly painless, and I'm thinking about using their Sites stuff to look after the web pages. There'd be a lot of work setting it up, but I figure it's unlikely that the Google will disappear off the web for 2 days before the apocalypse on 12/21/2012. The problem is that I have a lot of Javascript and CSS, and none of that'll work. Oh well, we'll see.

April 24th Again, I started the day playing World of Warcraft, then I tinkered around with the handguards on the DRZ, the throttle was dragging ever so slightly. No longer though.
I took Tilly over to Freedom Field with her frisbee, and pretty much wore her out while chatting with Vince. Unfortunately, she's broken the spine on the frisbee, so I'll have to get her another one.

I dropped Tilly home, then we met Vince for pizza before watching the bobawful Monsters - if a movie has "monsters" in it's title, I don't think it's unacceptable to expect a lot of monsters tearing the crap out of stupid people. Nope. I'm glad we only paid $1.08 (including tax) to rent it - I still feel a bit robbed.

April 23rd I started the day playing a little World of Warcraft, and looked at the steering and brake squeak on the YSR. Hopefully those are fixed now, but I need to get out and ride it to see for sure.

We went out into the garden and cut down the remaining part of the tree, and chopped it into small enough parts to put in the green waste bin. Job done.

In the evening we went to RPM to celebrate Becky's annual 29th birthday party. Vic and I were in the same heat races, as was Scott. He only crashed into me once that I can remember, but where I was wearing my spare helmet, he was wearing one of the supplied ones, so it could have been him that hit me every time. After the heat races, we were whittled down to 10, me included, Vic not, for the final. I don't think I did too badly, considering I was knocked off the track fairly early on... I finished 6th, but I did post the 2nd fastest lap of the final :o)

April 20th After work, I changed the oil in the Jeep and installed some handguards on the DRZ, then we watched Skyline, the whoosh bang generator was in full force, but somebody forgot to write a story to go with it.

April 18th John is in town for business, so we met up in the evening so Tilly could bark at him, and then went and met Vince for dinner.

April 17th The weather looked weird, with the wind coming and going, so I decided to not take any chances and spent the morning inside playing World of Warcraft. I'm still working on professions, and it's a slow slog, with lots of running around getting stuff I need (slowly).

I needed to go to the airfield and drop some stuff off, and drop off the DVD from yesterday, so I decided to take the YSR, so I could see how it runs. It runs just fine, at around 50mph flat out, but there's a slight steering weave which I think is down to it not being happy in the initial turn in to the right. I'll look at that, as there's something binding in the steering head area. The brakes also squeak a lot, so I'll take a look at them, too - that's probably just a matter of cleaning the rust off things and just sanding the faces a little. The clutch and the throttle could do with some adjusting, as I think there's too much oil being dumped in, and it's not burning fully. Anyway...
On the way home I saw a guy with one arm cycling, so I chased him down and we had a chat - he lost his left arm in a corn thresher at 10 years old, and he looks like he's in his late 50s to early 60s now. I explained the twin brake unit (from a tandem or a grown up tricycle) that I use on my mountain bike, and headed home.
It finally broke down and rained in the evening. I later found out that Dave had bought a new barbecue, so this is his fault. It'll now rain until July.

April 16th We spent most of the day working in the garden, pulling weeds, cutting things, and Vic worked on her vegetable bed. In the afternoon, we went to the airfield and took the Flightstar out for some circuits. It's interesting, as the plane's heavier 2 up, you have to fly faster to maintain altitude, so we were doing circuits faster than when it's just me. I'd never really noticed it so much before, as I don't think we've been out for just circuits circuits.

On the way home, we rented I love you Phillip Morris, which I thought was going to be a commentary on the cigarette industry, but turned out to be a comedy.

April 15th We were aiming to meet Vince for dinner, but he's got a cold, so screw him, we went and had fun without him.

April 12th We watched the pretty good Hereafter. It was slow, but interesting enough.

April 11th We watched the pretty good TRON:Legacy. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't think it was as great as it could have been.

April 10th We got up early and got the Jeep packed up so that Vic could go hang gliding at Ed Levin park.
While I was at home, I got the front bracket finished up, then took Tilly to Freedom Field so she could chase her new frisbee. When we were done, I went home, fed Tilly, helped Vic unload the Jeep, then rode the DRZ to dinner with Vince.

April 9th I went out and hacked at the shrubs down the side of the house, then put a new spool in the weed whacker. I think this one must be very old or something, as it kept breaking off at the hub, which is new. Oh well. I pulled a bunch of weeds in the garden, then went off to the airfield and took the Flightstar up for some circuits. It was a nice evening, and not too busy. I poked around at an old hang glider that Larry's left in the hangar for spares, and took the downtube mounting to make a bracket for the front of the Jeep.

At home, we got the ladder on the Jeep so Vic can take it hang gliding at Ed Levin park. I measured up the bracketry, but it was getting a bit late to start fitting things.

April 7th I went out and took a look at the license plate mounting bracket for the DRZ, and it looks like a lot of work to get it off. I took the license plate off it, and bent it down using a pair of pliers. I'm sure that'll be fine. Really.

April 5th I got up early and rode the DRZ to San Francisco to spend the day in the office. I'd set the trip when I filled up with gas on the way out, only to decide that there was something awfully wrong with it, as it's underreading. A lot - I was doing 70mph, and covering less than a mile a minute. When I got to work, I decided to park in the garage rather than at a meter - the meters don't turn on until 8am, and any money you put in before that just gets swallowed, and I had an 8am teleconference to be in. The DRZ doesn't contain enough metal to be seen by the gate, so I rode around it, then the attendant put a large metal sign down and gave me a ticket. Once in the office, I hit the Google and found that the DRZ trips are adjustable for a "correction factor", and the trip I was using was set to 70% of the real value.

After work I quickly lost playing poker, headed for the garage and fixed the correction factor on the trip and headed home. Well, the gate wouldn't open on the way out, so I rode around it again, wondering why I'd paid to use the garage at all :o)
I was tootling along the freeway in Davis trying to figure out where to gas up again, when I got pulled over by the plod. It seems that he couldn't read my license plate as the mounting angle's all wrong, but luckily I managed to be my charming self and get away without a ticket. Must look at that this weekend, but it's only been like that for 3 years. The rest of the trip was uneventful, and the seat I installed last year helps a lot - OK, I was a little sore, but I wasn't praying to get knocked off so I could ride home in an ambulance like the last time I rode to San Francisco and back in a day.

April 3rd It was still too windy to fly, so I spent a fair amount of time playing World of Warcraft but I did take the van to the airfield to drop off the rent cheque. Fred and Ray came with me to see the Flightstar. I drained the hot tub, and in the evening we went to see Paul, which was absolutely excellent. We also got to see the new cinema that's opened near us.

April 2nd It was a windy day, so I decided against going to the airfield, and decided to do stuff around the house that needed doing. Oh, and playing World of Warcraft. I got my old laptop all sorted out and ready to ship to Russ and Deeps, which has been on my mind for a few months.

In the evening we went out to use the hot tub, only to find that the temperature sensor had gone insane again, so I just turned it off. If it's anything like last time, it'll fix itself, but it's about the time I turn it off for the summer anyway.

April 1st After work we were going to barbecue, but hadn't actually gone and got anything to cook. So, instead, I cooked spaghetti, and Vince came over and helped us eat it, and played with Tilly. Tilly actually went to bed early by herself, so I think she was pretty tired out :o)