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June 30th Having found the rear tyre on the mountain bike flat again, I gave up and put a new tube on it, and threw the old one away. I think the patch gets screwed up as the tyre inflates or something, as this really isn't the first time I've fixed a puncture. The old tube had 2 other repairs on it already, for example.

I spoke the other guy in the hangar about the door, and he explained that they were supposed to be getting it's annual inspection done so they can fly it to Wisconsin at the end of July. He managed to get their plane out by moving mine to the back of the hangar, so now it's just my Rans and Ken's car in there :o) At least I can get my plane out until the door's fixed :o)

June 29th The people called about the hangar at the airfield, and said that it was going to take 2 people, so they're aiming to be there next week. It's a shame, as the past few days haven't been too windy, so I could fly if I could get the plane out of the hangar :o|

I decided to go for a ride on the mountain bike, but the rear tyre was flat. Again. I took everything apart to find that the patch seems to have pinched, so it wasn't over the hole anymore. I put a bigger patch on it, and made a mental note to buy another one of these super-dooper puncture resistant innertubes - of course the hole is on the thin sidewall, rather than the thick main part :o(

June 28th I called about the hangar at the airfield, to be told that they'd had a problem with the lift (the doors are 16' tall), and that they'd be there tomorrow. So, I decided to fix the puncture in the mountain bike's rear tyre. I thought I'd probably screwed up the repair I made last year, but no, it was a different hole entirely.

June 27th The hangar company were supposed to show up and fix the door, but didn't call me to get in. After work, I went to the airfield and sure enough, the door wasn't fixed :o( On the way home, I spent what seems like my whole month's salary on groceries and a tank of gas at Safeways. Hmmm.

June 26th I almost severed my fingertip fitting a manual camchain tensioner to the KLX when the spanner I was using to remove a nut slipped :o) It's funny, as I wear one of those latex gloves so it's a quicker cleanup job, and as I finished what I was doing, it slowly filled up with blood.

Undeterred, I changed the oil in the Subaru. It's all fun, fun, fun here, I can tell you :o)

June 25th I'd been asked to spend the day at the SPCA, as they were short of staff, so that took up most of Sunday.

When I got home I watched the outstanding MotoGP race, and the first WSB race from Misano. Speed TV were too busy showing repeats of some car race to show race 2 - that'll be Tuesday :o(

I also spent a little time on World of Warcraft before bed.

June 24th As usual, I started the day at the SPCA, then went home and collapsed because of the 111F heat. I spent a little while playing World of Warcraft in the evening, then went to bed.

June 22nd I went to the airfield and to get the Rans out, only to find one of the hangar doors is jammed :o( I managed to use another door as a slide hammer to open it, but it didn't get any better. I squeezed the Rans out, and did 30 minutes, all the time stressing about closing the doors again. I landed, put the plane away and ended up using a ratchet tie down to drag the door closed while I was kicking at it. Not a great ending to a >100F day, I can tell you.

June 20th After my connection problems (it's better, but not great), I've lost a whole week of playing World of Warcraft. This means that Wowtard and Sixtoes are several levels ahead of me, so I had a marathon session that saw me playing until 2am, and gain 4 levels on Ptraci (now level 28). Now I need to concentrate on Piggles (level 26) for a while :o)

June 18th I moped around the house, vacuuming and even cutting the grass to kill time before the MotoGP race. What a disastrous start, with several top riders biffed off. While I'm not a fan, I thought this was perhaps poetic justice.

June 17th As usual, I started the day at the SPCA. We were quite busy, adopting out six (I think) dogs. As I was leaving, Mike called me to say he was in Roseville, so I met him and Vince for a late lunch / early dinner, then went to Debbie's to pick up Chloe. It's nice to have her back, even though she's put on a lot of weight - she was 75lbs! I'll have to walk that off her, along with giving her less to eat, and fewer treats.

My internet connection's been playing up since I got back, meaning that I can't play World of Warcraft :o(

June 16th I checked out and headed home. After another bone-crunching landing, I picked up all my junk and drove home. Note to travellers: The TSA don't like screwdrivers in your checked luggage - both ways they had a good shuffle through my bag :o|

June 15th I had no work to do, so I went and hung out in Boulder with John. I got to inspect his new Harley (hmmm...), and we managed to get the frame for his Triton inspected, meaning that he can register it in his name now. After a while we went to have dinner with George and Rich at Rich's enormous new house in Aurora. After dinner, we entertained ourselves recreating this - it really does work, as 8 litres of Diet Coke (tm) and a few packs of Mentos (tm) proved :o)

June 14th I took apart our equipment in the cage without too much stress, then took it to UPS to ship back to San Jose. I told the ass clown there that a number of servers were going to be heavy, but he didn't seem to listen. He put them all in one box, which we then couldn't lift onto the scales. After he'd thrown a little tantrum (and I was thinking whether I should go and find a Fedex), we split it into 2 boxes - still too heavy for the scales. His manager intervened, and we got it into 4 boxes and finally shipped.

Working at UPS doesn't look too hard to me.

I then went and met John and his latest squeeze in Boulder for dinner. Driving back, there was an accident on the freeway. I know this, because after an hour, I crawled past a sign saying that there was an accident, and to expect delays. Really? Eventually we passed the 7 police cars clearing up the flares after the accident, and I noted that none of them thought to direct traffic. Still, I eventually got back to the hotel.

June 13th I flew to Denver to take apart our no-longer-needed datacentre there. After a landing that made me feel better about my landings, we staggered out of the terminal to find that the inter-terminal train was broken. Eventually they got that working, and I got the trainee at the car rental place. Great. Still, after going to a different La Quinta hotel than I'm used to (there are now 2 within a mile of each other), I managed to meet George for a late dinner, and everything worked out OK.

June 11th I got all keyed up to watch the MotoGP race, but there wasn't one. Oh well, lots of other stuff to catch up on...

June 10th As usual, I went to the SPCA for most of the day, then in the evening went to the stock car races in Roseville to watch Scott try his hand in the spectator race. Now, this is 15 laps, at roughly 15 seconds a lap, but when somebody spins off or crashes, they get everybody realigned and restart the race in line astern. Scott didn't crash once, but several of the other "spectator racers" did, meaning that the line was rejigged several times, and they put the guys who were running in the series in front. So, for the final race to the line, he started in 6th, with a couple of guys who'd already crashed infront of him. He finished the race 3rd, out of (I think) 10. In the regular races, if you spin, you start again at the back, even if it wasn't your fault. I think that without the crashes and the subsequent rearranging, he might have made 2nd or even won. The guy who came 2nd crashed on the straight on the last lap, and crossed the line going backwards in a car that had to be towed off the track :o)

We were just commenting on how it looked like the races would be finished early (they have to finish by 10pm) when there was an almighty crash and it took 15 minutes to drag off several cars and clean the track :o)

June 9th Today was Chloe's annual cardiologist visit, for her pacemaker checkup. She's doing fine, and even though the pacemaker beats her heart about 70% of the time, the battery is looking good for about 6 more years.

June 8th After work, I went to the airfield and hopped in the Rans for a quick flight. I did the "positive hitting the ground" thing, and that seemed to work OK for me. More practice, I think :o)

June 6th After checking the weather with the Automated Weather Observation Station ((916) 645-0698), I went to the airfield and watched the windsock blow from 7 to 20 or so mph. Oh well, the Rans needed fuel anyway :o)

June 5th I went to the airfield and took the Rans out for a little while. After another sucky landing, I decided to try just putting the front wheels down, rather than a proper 3 pointer. I used to do this a lot in the Thruster, as when we put the aerofoil struts on, I couldn't get it to touch down either. That worked a lot better, so I think I'll try doing some of those - I reckon with the 3 pointers, my landing speed is higher than the take-off speed, meaning that it'll get airborne again with very little provocation. With a wheelie landing, I'm forcably holding the thing on the ground until it's slow enough not to want to take off again. I wish I'd tried this last year :o)

June 4th I kicked around the garden for most of the morning, just killing time until I could watch the MotoGP. What a race! That was probably one of the best races I've seen, and I think it was interesting to see that Michael Schumacher was there - that's what overtaking looks like :o) I'm glad that the winner won, as it means that there are currently 5 or 6 guys who stand a chance of winning, and one of them is my personal favourite, Valentino Rossi. Nicky Hayden's coming across as more fun, too, so I'd be happy to see him win. Maybe next year though, as I'd like Rossi to have won every single 990cc MotoGP championship :o)

June 3rd One of the things about going to the quacks' is that they then send you to other places for tests, so I didn't eat or drink anything other than water from Friday evening, and went for the first round of blood-letting on Saturday morning.

Why is it that everybody before me takes half an hour, and I take less than 5 minutes? It seems to be like that everywhere. Anyways...

I then went to the SPCA for the rest of the day, and spent a few hours in the evening playing World of Warcraft. I have a Warlock that I'm trying to get a Succubus as a minion for - the Voidwalker and Imp are OK, but they don't look as cool :o)

June 1st I went to a doctor for my first check up in 8 years, and it appears that I only have 50 years to live. 60 tops. That's the last time I go to see a doctor, as up until then, I was immortal :o)

I also scooted over to the airfield and finished fixing the prop.

I'll wait for everything to be totally set and dry before I try flying it - call me paranoid :o)