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March 31st In the evening, I put some work into getting World of Warcraft to work, but after checking the Blizzard forums, it looks like it might be an nVidia video card problem - I have a 7300GS. Bummer :o( I left the PC running a deep scanning CHKDSK, and shut it all down after that was finished.

Scott and Becky came over to pick up the KLX paperwork, and the parts of the carputer screen, so Scott can check if the video still works :o)
Scott's trying to convince Tilly that he's the only one who really loves her, I just feed her. I think it's working, as she goes absolutely berserk when he comes over.

March 30th We had a restless night, as Tilly kept expecting Victoria to come home. Oh well. I've resubscribed to World of Warcraft, but I'm getting abysmal frame rates on my desktop PC - changing the settings doesn't seem to help, so I don't think it's a graphics card issue. I got to update BIOS and chipset drivers, and run virus and spyware scans - nothing so far has helped :o(

I spoke to the guy for the Hawk, and he was lamenting that a U-Haul was going to cost a fortune (as they charge by the mile, Los Angeles is a long way away). He was talking about renting a trailer and trying to get a tow hitch wiring kit for his Land Rover. I suggested he could rent a pickup, which he proclaimed genius, and shortly afterwards, was headed North.

I had a few hours to kill, so I pulled all the Hawk stuff together in the garage, then grabbed Tilly and headed to the Bear dog park for an hour or so - she was so excited to get there that she was dangling out of the Subaru by the seatbelt as soon as I opened the door. We got her untangled, and she had a lot of fun.

At home, we watched the most excellent MotoGP race from Jerez - even though he was 2nd, it was good to see Rossi be the first Yamaha past the flag and the fastest Bridgestone rider all weekend. Maybe things are looking up - not many riders have won championships on different tyre manufacturers.

Eventually the guy from Los Angeles showed up, and bought the Hawk. I had to get him to look at it, as he was ready to buy it the moment I opened the garage door :o) We got it all packed up on his rented pickup, got the paperwork squared away and he headed off to San Francisco to see some friends up there. I'm hoping to hear that he got it home OK in the next day or so.

I played a little Warcraft (on my laptop), and was talking to Vic on the phone when Tilly took herself off to bed. Vic's having fun, and the van's behaving itself, which is a relief :o)

March 29th We got up early, and got the van packed up so Vic could head off on a little road trip.

It rained overnight, so I couldn't take Tilly to the Bear dog park as it would be too muddy. We played in the garden for a while, then I went to the local Yamaha dealer to look at the Yamaha WR250X. Of course, they didn't have one, but they did have a Yamaha WR250R. Egads, the thing's tall.

I took lunch over to Jeff's, and sat and took the piss and talked bikes. In his not so humble opinion, I should get a Suzuki DRZ400SM if the Hawk sells.

When I got home, I took Tilly for a long walk around the area, and eventually went over to Fred and Marsha's to watch Tilly go crazy to see them. In the evening, she slept and I went over there for dinner, and then taught them how to play poker. Damn, I should have been playing for money :o)

March 28th We went to the airfield to check on the Rans, and put some fuel in it. When we got there, Jack was in the hangar fiddling with stuff, so we ended up going to dinner and getting home late.

March 26th Of course, once I'd decided that I was going to probably keep the Hawk, I hear from the guy who's looking to buy it. He's aiming to be up here this weekend, or Monday at the latest. Apparently his friend who was going to drive up with him is a flake, so we'll see if he shows up this weekend. Like I said, I'm not bothered either way... I have the YSR to keep me busy for the moment.

March 25th I didn't hear anything from the guy who's looking to buy the Hawk, so I've decided that maybe he's a flake. I'd originally aimed to sell one of the bikes, and I've done that, so I'm thinking I'll look at converting the Hawk back soon and keep it. Of course, if he does appear with a wad of cash, we'll talk, but I'm not going to chase him.

March 24th First thing, so they weren't too hot, I got up on the roof and washed the solar panels. It's not very scientific, but I was seeing about 1KW before, and 1.4KW after, so I think they needed it. I'm thinking about sorting out something with a long hosepipe to make it easier in future... it's going to be pollen season soon.

Vic went hang gliding while I stayed in and worked. This was her first time using her harness, rather than the training harness, so she should be getting up to working towards her hang 2 test soon.

March 23rd Neither of us has been feeling too sharp for the last few days. Obviously, I had it worse.

As I should be getting shot of the Hawk this week, I started farkling with the YSR, making up a couple of little brackets for the new headlights.

I also had a few regular chores to do around the house - when I had the lid open on the hot tub as I poured chemicals into it, Tilly hopped up on to the edge. She wobbled along until she fell off, then hopped up again. This time she fell into the tub, and swam around for a bit before getting out. Why is it that however clean you get your dog, they always smell like a wet dog?

March 22nd In between getting Vic a new phone, I managed to do some tinkering on the van - I've noticed that the reversing lights aren't working, so I took a look. Of course, the last thing I did was the bulbs, so I started looking there. Of course, the problem was corrosion on the switch on the gearbox.

March 21st Scott came over, looked at and test rode the KLX. I took the lowering link out of the rear suspension, and then picked him up from his house so he could ride it home. He then promptly couldn't get it started again when he went to fill it up with gas. Still, it's not cluttering up the garage any more, and I've started looking around for a Suzuki DRZ400SM a little more seriously.

Meanwhile, Vic went and threw herself off the training hill, hang gliding, so she missed all the fun.

March 20th I spoke to the guy about the KLX, and he sounds really serious about it - he's aiming to wire me the money for it, while we wait for Forward Air to get a container in. Then I'll deliver it to Sacramento Airport, and they'll put it in the crate and send it off to him. In Alabama. Jeez...

Of course, then I talk to Scott, and he wants it. Damnit, if he'd have said that a few weeks ago, this would have been a lot easier. Of course, I might not have mentioned it... :o)

I also spoke to the guy about the Hawk, and he's talking about coming up on Tuesday to look at, and hopefully buy it.

March 18th A while back, I sent in a picture of Tilly for the Million Dog Mosaic, and today I checked it and she's there - search for tillamook1 :o)

March 17th Vic went hang gliding while I stayed at work to pay the bills. While she did a couple of knee landings, she did get to do a high altitude (500' or so) tow to a circuit, so hopefully it won't be long before she takes the Hang 2 test :o)

March 16th We pottered around doing a few things around the house, then went out to run some errands. I managed to sidetrack us to a bike shop, and sat on a Suzuki DRZ400SM in case the KLX and Hawk ever do sell. It's like a moped compared to the KLX, and the spec sheets suggest that it's about 40lbs lighter.

In the afternoon, we took Tilly to the Bear dog park for a long time, until she ended up diving on a smaller dog for a bit of a ruck. Well before this, the smaller dog had been pestering her while we were playing ball, so it wasn't completely out of the blue. I grabbed her while Vic made sure everything was OK, and had an interfering busybody a concerned citizen tell me over and over again that we should go. We were going anyway, but who was she to tell us to leave public property? She said that "somebody" would call Animal Control (all of whom we know), and I resisted the urge to say "You're going to tell teacher on me?". Anyway...

The solar panels generated 16kWh today, the most I've seen so far. That's over $1.75!!

March 15th Vic was teaching a critter class at the SPCA, so I took Tilly to the Bear dog park by myself. She had fun and seemed to be pretty tired out when I took her home.

In the evening we went for pizza with Fred and Marsha, then played Mexican Train, a domino game. I'm going to get a few of these games for the van for when we go camping.

March 14th Vic spent the day repairing damage that Tilly's done in the garden, and putting up a fence around the most favoured vegetable garden area.

March 13th Tilly managed to worm her way into Vic's vegetable garden area, and dug, chewed and tore up a lot of stuff before I went out to check on her, and subsequently hoiked her out. /sigh.

March 12th Today I've spoken to the guy who wants the Hawk and the guy who wants the KLX. They're both sounding like they really want them - the guy for the Hawk is aiming to come up from Los Angeles on Monday or Tuesday and buy the thing, and the guy for the KLX is talking about getting it shipped to Alabama. It's increasingly looking like I might be looking for a new bike at some point in the near future, as the YSR isn't really practical as an only bike :o)

I think I might look into another motard, maybe a Suzuki DRZ400SM or the even new Yamaha WR250X. Either would be a lot lighter than the KLX, so hopefully easier to manage.
We'll see, but there is a gold Triumph Daytona for sale locally for a stupidly low price.

March 11th I went over to Mark and Jeff's, and picked up a VFR front brake master cylinder for the Hawk (everywhere was closed on Monday), and got it de-converted fully. I now have nothing to ride... time to get to work on the YSR I reckon :o)
Now I just have to see which of the bikes actually gets sold. If it's both at once, I'll have to see about a new bike, otherwise I'll get to re-convert one of them back. Oh well... it's not like changing the brake fluid is a bad thing, right?

March 9th The clocks have gone forward - I still get up at the same time, but now that's 7am rather than 6am, so that's not too bad. I spent a little time wandering around the house updating clocks, then a little more time in the garage, updating clocks. I know there are some I've missed, but I don't care about them at the moment.

As usual, we took Tilly to the Bear dog park for a bit, then we came home and while Vic went to a SPCA function, I did some work on the Hawk... the clutch and throttle are all set now, so when I get a brake assembly (everything's closed on Monday, from what I can tell) it shouldn't take too long to get sorted out. We spent some time watching TV, waiting for the first ever floodlit MotoGP race - from Qatar. It was an exciting race, but it's a shame to see Rossi doing so badly on the Bridgestones - I really think that was a mistake. Still, maybe I can support the boy Toseland this year, when he gets the faster pneumatic valved engine.

March 8th I started the day by playing with the gray water tank for the van a little more... unfortunately the hose pipe is kinked too much, too. So, I'll have to bite the bullet and get the expensive reinforced hose. Oh, and one of the joints seems to leak, so I've had to take it off and look at that, too. Or I could just try and get some 6" pipe, but the local stores only have it in 2' lengths, and I need closer to 4'. Bugger...

To stop me sulking, we took Tilly to the Bear dog park to wear her out, then we came home and I pulled the garage apart so I could de-convert the Hawk. Oopsie - I can't find the front brake master cylinder, which could be considered a major part. Bugger. I mailed, and later spoke to, the guy who wants to buy the thing, and he's happy to wait for me to find a replacement. Oh well.

I've had a few messages from a guy in Alabama who's interested in the KLX. If he can come up with a way of paying me that I trust (there are a lot of scams out there with cashier's cheques and suchlike), I see us dropping the thing off with ForwardAir at Sacramento airport. Heh, it really does look like both bikes could end up getting sold, doesn't it?

March 7th I went to Lowes and got some parts for the gray water tank for the van, and spent half an hour or so fitting them. I'll test the thing tomorrow...

March 6th It's been a week since my World of Warcraft subscription expired, and while I have nothing to do between the time Tilly wakes me up and the time I start work, it's not been too bad. I'll resubscribe, I just wanted to see what it was like to quit "cold turkey". Who are you calling a turkey?

I finished fitting the gray water tank to the van, and backed it onto the driveway to see how it works. Um... it needs a little work. I bought 10' of hose to connect the sink to the tank, and it was all rolled up. The weight of the water isn't enough to push it's way through the kinks at anything faster than a drip, so I'll look at getting some reinforced wall tube, and using that instead. Seeing as I'm going to need to get a hose to drain the thing, I might just get a cheap garden hose and cut a chunk out of it :o)

March 5th A busy day, chez Dug. Rich came and picked up one of the YSRs that's been cluttering up the garage, so now I have a bit more space to run around in.

I spent a while talking to a guy in Los Angeles who wants to buy the Hawk. He's talking about coming to see it on Monday, so I get to de-convert it this weekend. There's been no noise on the KLX, but with my luck, I'll end up selling both bikes this weekend. Oh well, if that's how it works out, that's how it works out... I'll get the time to get the YSR back on the street, and then look at getting something more sensible... maybe a Triumph Street Triple or even a Ducati Monster.

I got the last of the tax forms I needed (a month late, but that's another story), and got them completed. I also got over to post them off, so now I just wait months for the Federal refund, and minutes for California to cash my cheque. Oh well.

I picked up some of the hose stuff I needed to fit the gray water tank to the van, and spent a while fitting that. It's not totally done, but it's close enough.

March 4th The electrickery bill arrived, and showed a decent drop in my usage thanks to the solar panel setup... I'll be interested to see what next month's bill looks like, as that'll all be on the new meter (I think the old one didn't really turn backwards, and that's why January's bill didn't drop so much).

I sealed the gray water tank for the van, so hopefully now it'll hold water so I can start working out how I'm going to mount it.

March 3rd Victoria was supposed to be going hang gliding, but didn't feel up to it. Later on in the day, she took Tilly to the Bear dog park.

I tested the gray water tank for the van, and it doesn't hold water, so I'll have to seal everything that I glued and hammered together. I'd have thought that as hard as it was to get together, it would be a waterproof seal, but no...

March 2nd Victoria had a conference for work, so was gone for most of the day. That meant that Tilly had to cope with me taking her to the Bear dog park. It was bloody windy, so she spent a lot of time looking miserable. We left after less than an hour, and she slept on the bed while I fiddled around with some spacers for the wheels on the base tube for next time Vic goes hang gliding.

I also fiddled around with the gray water tank for the van, getting the bits I've done sealed up, and getting the other fittings all done. I then pummelled the thing together, so it can dry overnight.

March 1st We started the day by taking Tilly to the Bear dog park. She was still pretty tired from yesterday, but had a good time and mixed well with the other dogs. Generally. With the larger dogs, when somebody starts picking on her, she generally falls on her back and screams, but now with the smaller dogs, she stands up for herself. I'm not worried about this behaviour yet.

Flush with the money from having sold the iPhone, I bought myself a new monitor - an Acer 24" on closeout at Office Depot. My current monitor has 3 lines of bad pixels now, and this was a silly good deal. We also went to REI and picked up some sandals for Victoria, and some rope for me to make a lead out of for Tilly. I wanted something that wouldn't cut into my hand when walking her, so it's thick. Thick enough that it has a 3150lb breaking strain, and I'm fairly confident that 25lbs of Tilly won't break free.

We went home, and due to the fact that she'd been all keyed up to go hang gliding, but it was too windy, Victoria set up her glider on the driveway, much to the entertainment of the neighbours. Still, at least now they know what that thing is they keep seeing on top of the Subaru. We'd bought Tilly a new fleece ball toy, and while we pottered around with the glider, she totally destroyed it.