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Nov 30th Look at me, standing up without painkillers or anything. I'm healed, healed I say!

Chloe's still upset about not getting out for walks, I can see her thinking "you can walk, I've seen you", but I don't feel up to getting dragged around by her just yet.

Nov 29th I woke up feeling a fair bit better, but with a lot of pulled muscles. After several ibuprofen, I was feeling a lot better, but I don't see me doing anything too strenuous for a while.

Nov 28th I woke up in a lot of pain, having pulled muscles all up and down my back, plus my stomach muscles. I struggled out of bed, got my laptop and told the troops that they were on their own for the day, and to make me proud. That's one of the joys of working from home, I guess... nobody missed me.

Chloe was upset at not getting out for a walk again, but other than that, stuck with me the whole day.

Nov 27th I didn't feel too bad when I got up, so I decided to clear the leaves in the garden. What a thankless task that is... a few hours after I'd cleared everything out, there were leaves all over again. Admittedly, not a foot thick like they were before, but still...

In the evening, I started to feel really sick, so I spent the night emptying my entire digestive system using both of the openings.

Nov 26th I spent the day at the SPCA as usual.

I then spent the night coughing and sneezing. Gotta love the flu. You see? This is why I don't like people - they make you sick.

Nov 25th The day after Thanksgiving is a holiday, too, but it was throwing it down with rain (reminder to self, figure out the placement of the rain gauge on the weather station). I decided to convert the pocket bike back to normal, so I can look at selling that, too.

Later on, the rain stopped and it was just windy. I noticed one of the bush type devices in the garden falling over, so I went and hacked that back a bit so that hopefully it'll stand up a bit better. Without any sort of twine, I couldn't tie it to the fence, but let's call that plan B. While I had sharp implements in hand, I hacked the crap out of the roses, so that's another job done for the year. Despite the fact that I cleared all the leaves earlier in the week, the front garden is full again, so I can see me wasting another few hours clearing that up as soon as it's dry enough :o(

Nov 24th Thanksgiving, here. To me, 2 days off work.

So in the morning I went to the SPCA, but it seems like everybody had the same idea, so there were 4 or 5 volunteers there. I had more time to walk dogs than usual (no customers getting underfoot), so I even managed to run one of the energetic younger dogs through the agility course several times to knock all the energy out of her. Maybe I'll try and run Chloe through at some point, but she was no good at it when we were at the training classes - she just had no idea what you wanted from her.

I then went to the airfield with the intention of flying, but the wind was blowing 5mph across the runway, so I did a little work on the plane and then went home and rotated the tyres on the car. After an hour or so, I went back to Lincoln, and the wind was blowing across the runway the other way. I decided that it would calm down in a little while, and went for a little flight around the patch, to look at the new housing developments that are going in near me.
The flight was uneventful, and the wind was almost non-existent when I got back, so I landed and put the plane away before it got dark.

In the evening I picked up Scott and Becky, and went to Julie and George's for a leftover turkey dinner. I would have been happy watching TV and eating cheese sandwiches, but Julie said she'd be offended if I didn't come, so I did as I was told.

Nov 22nd As the weather's getting colder, I'm spending more time indoors. I've just serviced the Subaru, for example.

Nov 20th I had intended to go flying, but I couldn't find the radio when I started getting ready. I'd left it on the plane at the airfield, and being a NiMH battery, it was dead when I went and picked it up. Oh well, I put it on charge, and settled in to catch up with the TiVo.

Nov 19th Chloe was a bit clingy in the morning, so we played around, and went for a little walk before I headed out to spend a few hours at the SPCA.

Nov 18th Went over to Scott's to help him start laying tile in the kitchen.

Nov 17th Went to San Jose for a meeting with the boss. That means I didn't get to get any real work done...

Nov 16th There was a dog volunteer meeting at the SPCA, so I rode the KLX over and attended that.

Nov 15th Went to visit my neighbour Dorothy in the hospital after her minor heart attack. She's fine.

Stop press: She's home now, with 2 stents inserted to open up blocked veins / arteries.

Nov 13th I got up and the winds were really calm for the first time in a few weeks, so I went and played with the Rans for an hour. It wasn't too cold (65F), so I just flew in jeans and a fleece jacket. I decided to work on stalls, and the Rans starts to stall at around 32mph. It's not a very pronounced stall, and just letting go of the pressure on the stick fixes it. 32mph is a bit higher than I'd expected, but with the big wheels and no pod, it's pretty draggy, so I guess that's OK.
When I decided that I was cold, I headed back to the airfield and landed. It was a lot warmer there, so I decided to throw in another circuit. Not such a great plan, as I was then so cold that I was shivering on the downwind leg. After a crappy landing, I decided to call it a day. I then fitted a slip indicator that I won for $40 on Ebay, and headed home to tidy up the house and garden a little.

Nov 12th I spent the day at the SPCA. I was inexplicably tired in the evening, so I watched "2 Fast 2 Furious". There's two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Nov 10th Got the forks for #2 YSR rebuilt, after finding some fork oil - I only had 5wt for the KLX and hideously expensive Race Tech stuff that I used on the Hawk. Now I just need to bleed the brakes and go through the aggravation of selling it.

Nov 9th Went to SportBike Night in Sacramento with Jason, Rik et al. Of course, we got to lane split most of the way there on the freeway, which is always good for a grin.

The guest of honour was Jason Pridmore, and he was actually pretty coherent for a motorcycle racer. When we left, I found that my mirror was broken - the plastic surround, probably from somebody brushing past it at some point. While it sucks, it gives me an excuse to get new mirrors - this was the remaining one of my little F1 mirrors, and they always were overly flimsy, even though they're supposedly "high impact plastic". Maybe there's just not enough of it.

Nov 8th More time working on #2 YSR. It's getting closer, and I've put the bodywork from the race bike on it. I decided to rebuild the forks and put in the spring eliminator kit that I bought from Team Calamari but never got around to fitting.

Nov 7th I've decided to clear out some stuff in the garage that I never use, and the first thing I'll look at is the #2 YSR, so I made a start on tidying it up. Basically, this has no title, so I'll put all the race stuff on it, and look at returning #1 to being a street bike.

Nov 6th Got up and walked Chloe and Otis down to Starbucks for breakfast, then went home and fiddled around all day, waiting for the weather to brighten up. It didn't. I spent the afternoon and evening with a skull-crushing headache, then checked the weather station to find that the pressure dropped by 4mb yesterday. It didn't rain, though.

I made a start on getting the YSRs sorted out - I think I'm going to sell one, and try and get the other one back to being a legal street bike. It doesn't look like there's going to be racing at Prairie City ever again :o(

Nov 5th Spent the day at the SPCA, and came to the realisation that people suck. There was a woman who appeared 5 minutes before closing to dump her in-laws' dog. They've come to live with her, and she "can't" have the dog, so she decides to drop it off with the SPCA. The thing is, legally we can't take it, because it's not her dog, just like you can't legally sell your neighbour's car. And, I don't want to be silly here, but didn't she know they had a dog when they started the whole "moving the in-laws" process? As we were closing, we watched her drive her truck around the parking lot before leaving, we thought she was going to just dump the dog and run away.

Anyway, in the evening, Debbie came over with Chloe and the stunt runt and we watched the "Revenge of the Sith" DVD, and a fun time was had by all.

Nov 3rd I didn't go to San Jose after all, but without Chloe, I managed to catch up on some TV

Nov 2nd As I was supposed to be going to San Jose on Thursday, Debbie came and collected Chloe.

Nov 1st Went to go for a cycle, to find that last month's puncture repair seems to be slowly leaking. Either that, or I've picked up another puncture. Oh well, it's not like I was going to ride that far anyway.

I'm really disappointed in how early it gets dark now, as I'll only get to fly at the weekends now :o(