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January 31st I spent the morning sorting out the old car stereos and listing them on Ebay, along with some other junk fine merchandise. Hopefully this'll all sell, and then I think I'm out of stuff to sell for the moment. Great :o)

I watched the latest Battlestar Galactica episode...

Spoiler Alert
This is mutiny, Mr Bligh. And Gaeta's starting to annoy me.

As Vic was going hang gliding in the morning, we got the Subaru packed up, and all had an early night.

January 30th Well, Russ' latest sponsored walk is over - he apparently gave up about 1,000' from the summit as he had a headache, was throwing up and so on - altitude sickness. The difference between this and a hangover is that this can kill you, and you get to fly to Venus on a magic swan. 3 of them didn't make it, the other lucky 13 did.

The last of the Ebay junk merchandise finally got paid for, and shipped out. Thankfully. Now I just wait until the weekend so I can get the next load sorted out. Who knew I had so much junk, junk cluttering the place up?

At home, we took the patio sliding door out, and totally apart, so I could replace the wheels. I'd looked at this before, and couldn't believe that you'd have to take the frame apart to get to the wheels, but after searching the Internets, it seems that that is indeed how you take them out. Expecting broken shards of glass everywhere, I tried, and yes, that's how you get the wheels out. The bearing on the back wheel had totally collapsed, and it was noisy and hard work to open. The new units don't fit exactly the same, but they fit well enough that the door now slides a lot quieter and easier.

In the evening, we went and met Heather who used to be the volunteer co-ordinator at the SPCA for dinner. So I got out of cooking :o)

January 29th The new stereos I'd bought with my Ebay winnings arrived, and I fitted them to the van and the Subaru when Vic got home from work. The van took literally 5 minutes - pop it out on the keys, unplug it, plug the new one in and slide it back in the cage until it locks. The Subaru was a little harder, requiring me to take the whole console apart to get to it. I'd forgotten that. The big idea is that now we have the same stereo in both vehicles, we can use them to their fullest without having to figure out how they work. I'll dump sell the old ones on Ebay. Truly, a plan without flaws :o)

January 28th The text messages from Russ about his latest sponsored walk keep on coming. Today's picture shows that it's still raining. Sounds like tomorrow's the final push to the summit.

January 27th The text messages from Russ about his latest sponsored walk keep on coming. Today's picture shows that it's raining. He must feel right at home then.

In the evening, I sat down to play World of Warcraft and got my warrior to level 80... triffic. Now I can work on my warlock, I think.

January 26th The text messages from Russ about his latest sponsored walk continue, and this time with a picture. Looks like they've set up camp.

Vince and Larry called to suggest lunch, then changed their minds as to location twice while they found somewhere that was actually open on a Monday lunchtime. Weird. Still, we met them, and all went well. Most of the Ebay junk merchandise got shipped out, so I should really start buying stuff with my sudden Paypal funds.

January 25th The truncated text messages from Russ about his latest sponsored walk continue, it seems he's taken a 6 hour bus ride to Arusha, which would be close to the beginning of the climb.

In World of Warcraft I got my warrior to level 79 while answering last minute questions about stuff on Ebay, then boxed and prepared things as possible.

January 24th I've started getting truncated text messages from Russ about his latest sponsored walk. It seems he's in the right country, from what I can tell.

I boxed up some stuff that I have for sale on Ebay that's going to sell, and watched yesterday's Battlestar Galactica . Nothing groundbreaking there, I'm afraid :o(

I did play some World of Warcraft, and managed to find a pick up group to go through the Nexus, which was worth doing as it's my first Northrend instance. They'd all done it before, and we were probably a bit over level, as it was a sprint deathstorm, so I didn't get to look at anything in there... usually I like to take my time between battles :o)

In the evening, we picked up some new tennis balls for Tilly - she destroyed her last one yesterday. The pet ones from Petsmart cost 99c, and last about 20 minutes. The real tennis balls cost about $1.90 for 3, and her last one lasted about 10 weeks. Bargain.

January 23rd I managed to spend some time in World of Warcraft and just got my warrior to level 78. I don't see this levelling streak continuing, but I do have a better idea what order to do some quests in when I come through with my warlock, druid and eventually hunter. In the evening, I cooked up some handmade (not by me, by the butcher at the Nugget) organic sausages and chips, and Vince came over for dinner again. I'd say my cooking can't be that bad, as he keeps coming back, but I don't think he ever turns down free food :o)
After dinner we watched Children of Men, another cheery movie from Vince's collection.

January 22nd In World of Warcraft, I got my warrior to level 77. Sadly I'm having to bunch of grinding quests at the moment, so I doubt I'll hit another level for a while :o(

Tilly's all better now - I gave her a new squid toy, that was all rope and rubber, and got to pick up the fragmentary remains after less than an hour. Bless.

Barack Obama's been president for over a day now, and I have yet to see my investments go up in value. That was a failure then, wasn't it?

January 21st I managed to get in some World of Warcraft time before work, and I got my warrior to level 76. I'm currently running around doing a bunch of green (easy) quests before they go gray and I get bugger all experience for them.

Tilly's feet seem to be a lot better, in that she's running, jumping and playing pretty much as normal now.

January 20th Well, America has a new president. I worked, so it was pretty much meaningless to me. Hey, it's not like I get to vote for president, so I'm just hoping I can ignore him, like I could with Bill Clinton.

Tilly's still getting over her blisters from her adventures at the Bear dog park, so she's been pretty subdued today. I don't expect that to last.

January 19th Today was Martin Luther King day, when Americans celebrate a famous civil rights activist by going shopping. Actually, scratch that, this year it's been pretty subdued. As I found out on Friday that I get the day off (I asked for, and still haven't received, an official list of holidays months ago), I hadn't really prepared anything. Oh well. We went to the gym earlier than usual, and found it busy, but not overwhelmingly so. At least it seems like all the New Year's resolutioners have given up. I'm still sore from slowing down my sets (and having to drop the weights) last week, so I limped around while Vic rowed to Japan. After that, we went home. Vic went to the nursery and bought a plant (I don't know, so don't ask), and I played a little World of Warcraft. I was just taking Tilly to the Bear dog park when Vic got back, so she came with us. Tilly ran around like a mad thing until we figured that she'd hurt her feet again, loaded her in the Subaru and headed home. We followed one of the Google Maps cars into the estate, so I'm looking forward to seeing me waving at them show up at some point. They didn't go down our street, they never do :o(

While Vic and Tilly laid down for a nap, I went to the airfield and pulled out the Rans for about 45 minutes, until I got too cold (I forgot my scarf). I chatted to some guy building a single seat Hytec Hurricane for a while, then headed home to watch Tilly pulling her blisters off her feet. Poor little thing.

January 18th I started the day sorting out some more crap merchandise to dump sell on Ebay. I started out with the old phones, but then decided now was the time to get rid of the MiniDisc player, and that led to tearing out the whole stereo and TV, and pulling out about 300' of cabling that I don't need. While I was in there, I pulled out the DVD recorder that I never, ever, use. Done.

Tilly was a little bouncy by this time, having spent about 2 hours being told to sit down and stop bothering us. She and I went out the front and she towed me up the street on the skateboard. It's weird, she's not awful when there are gardens on my left, but she doesn't do so well when the road's on my left. She runs on my left, and I guess the road's a lot more interesting, smells wise, than grass.

January 17th I played a little World of Warcraft, then tried to help while Vic pinned Tilly down and cut her front claws. It was all very traumatic for all concerned, but we're happier not getting scratched as much for a while.

Vince called, he and Larry were going to lunch. We had early dinner plans, so we went over and had a drink and a shat with them. When we got home, we went over to Fred and Marsha's for Marsha's umptieth birthday dinner. Having got back from there, we picked up the Mook and headed over to Scott and Becky's to see them, plus Jason who was in town. Tilly spent a lot of the evening wet, having jumped in the pool several times to get floating toys. Idiot. We left quite early, being pretty tired from the longassed day.

January 16th Vince wasn't feeling well, so we went ahead and had dinner without him. So much for him eating everything I cook this year, too. We had bacon wrapped chicken, if that matters.

We watched the first of the new Battlestar Galactica episodes.

Spoiler Alert
Ellen's the last Cylon? Starbuck's really dead? So who's that in her uniform? WTF is going on?

January 15th I've been spending time looking at just tarting up the web site a little, and today I finally figured out an easier and faster way to do the buttons. I hope you like them. Interestingly they work a lot better in Firefox than Internet Exploiter, as IE doesn't supportr :hover properly yet. I'll be making some other changes as I get around to them.

January 14th I managed to get some time in World of Warcraft, where I got my warrior to level 75. Just. In the middle of a battle, which was cool, as I suddenly had all my health back :o)

January 12th Jack called from the airfield to say the doors are jammed on the side that didn't get fixed last, so I can't get the Rans out even if I could get off work in time to fly before it gets dark. Bah, humbug.

The new graphics card arrived for my desktop, and took my gaming score from 3.0 to 4.8. It's faster in World of Warcraft, so I'm generally running at more than 20fps. I managed to get my warrior to level 74.

January 11th I spent a great part of the day preparing stuff I'd sold on Ebay to go out to the new owners, but I did get the time to play outside with Tilly. I've picked up an old skateboard, and I tried having Tilly tow me on it. That went OK, but what really worked well was having her tow Vic while chasing me, with me running as fast as I could to stay in front. When she tows me chasing Vic, she looks behind to see if I'm still there (duh - feel the pull on your harness? That's me). I think we'll end up playing with this a bit more, and eventually one of us is going to get hurt. Outstanding.

We looked at the damage from last time Vic went hang gliding, only to spot the base tube is bent too. Oh well, we'll order a new one of those too :o(

January 10th I started the day playing World of Warcraft, and got my warrior to level 73 and to Dragonblight. I then went and saw Jeff at work. I had been thinking about going to the airfield, but it was quickly too late, so I hung around and "helped" Jeff fix a few motorcycles.

January 9th In the evening, I cooked shepherd's pie with some of the frozen spaghetti leftovers from last week. Vince came and ate, keeping up the tradition of him eating every meal I cook.

January 8th I played World of Warcraft, but, as expected, didn't get to level anybody. I did, however, get my warlock in to Dragonblight.

January 7th In the evening, I managed to play World of Warcraft, and got my warlock up to level 72. I don't expect to keep this pace up :o)

January 6th In the evening, I managed to play World of Warcraft, and got my warlock up to level 71.

January 5th After work, I spent some time fiddling around with the video from the solid state camera of Vic's flight yesterday, and came up with this and this. Shame Youtube bounced the "Learning to fly" soundtrack by Tom Petty.

January 4th Vic got up early and went hang gliding. Tilly and I stayed home, as she went to McClure, and we didn't know what sort of dog limitations there are there.

I wasted the day playing World of Warcraft, mainly working on bringing my warlock to Northrend and trying to make sure that my warrior has done every quest possible in the Borean Tundra.

I did get the ladder out to clear the patio cover gutter that's overflowed a few times in the rain. Hopefully that's sorted. While it was out, I decided to look at the anemometer for the weather station - the backup batteries need replacing. So, there I was in the frigid 10mph wind, perched on the roof, trying to not crack the weather yellowed plastic. I couldn't get it apart easily, so I decided to fag out and check the manual - luckily I remembered to look at the Radio Shack version, as the Oregon Scientific version doesn't even mention the batteries in the external sensors. I used a knife to lever the back off, and replaced the 2 x AA batteries with a pair of Duracells... if I need to replace them again, I'll try and remember to get some camera lithium batteries to save me getting up there again for a while.

Vic called on the way home from McClure to say she'd had a 30 minute flight, and crashed on landing and broken a downtube. Still, she's OK, so it's just a matter of getting a new one.

January 3rd It's been frighteningly cold here, down into the 30Fs at night, so we didn't really feel like doing much today. Vic read and painted, I figured out that the reason my PC boots so slowly is the Roxio crap that the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed. Having disabled that from running at startup, I played some World of Warcraft. After a while, Vic got bored and took Tilly for a run. That didn't go so well, so we took her to the Hughes dog park to try and run her out a bit. No luck, Tilly seemed to be full of herself even after getting home. We tried the Benadryl thing again without luck. As the evening wore on, Vic got herself all sorted out with going hang gliding tomorrow, so we loaded up the Subaru. She then took a bath with Tilly to wash off all the mud that the idiot dog accumulated by lying down in mud puddles at the dog park, and went to bed early, leaving us to read.

January 2nd It was another quiet day in the office. We did get to the gym, only to find it full of fat old people. I'm figuring we'll have to deal with walking around people using our equipment for a couple of weeks until theor New Year's resolutions wear off.

I played some World of Warcraft, getting my warrior up to level 72. I should play some of the other toons, I think.

Vic and I have decided to try and eat out less, so on Mondays she's going to try and cook, and on Fridays I'm going to try and cook. I was thinking Hot Pockets, but apparently I'm supposed to buy ingredients and make something. So we went and bought ingredients. As Vince ate every meal I cooked last year, I called him to see if he wanted spaghetti. He also brought the movie Severance which was very funny :o)

January 1st Merry New Year!

I played some World of Warcraft, including stupid Warcraft tricks :o)

We also went for a ride on the motorcycles. Now I only have the DRZ, I got quite cold - with the Hawk I could tuck my knees against the air space for the rear cylinder and keep my legs warm there.
While we were out, we scoped out the Hughes dog park, it's quite small, but in the main park with trails etc that we can take Tilly on, as long as we leave her on her lead. I'm again thinking about a skateboard that she can tow me on at her speed - I just need to get her to tow me, rather than just try and sit in my lap like the last time I tried to have her tow me.

Russ has asked me to pimp his latest sponsored walk.
Rather than a shuffle around a park, it's a trek up Kilimanjaro (even though he apparently can't spell it) in Africa, in aid of The Alzheimer's Society. If you didn't know, our grandfather died from Alzheimer's, and the author Terry Pratchett has the early onset version of the disease. If you'd like to see many more Discworld books, and be able to remember where you've left your keys, donate.