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November 30th Stephan called to say that the van is all ready, so we'll pick that up on Monday :o)

I spent some time on World of Warcraft, getting my druid up to level 41.

November 29th I was able to register the van, so that would show that it's passed it's smog test. Van Cafe list the brake kit as out of stock, but Stephan hasn't called to tell me that, so I'm hoping it's all in hand :o)

November 27th The guy came to do a site survey for installing the solar panels. They're aiming to do the installation at the end of December, and they need to take a bunch of tiles off the roof, so here's hoping it's not raining, eh?

I wasted some time on World of Warcraft, getting my hunter up to level 48, and my druid up to level 40 (and buying a donkey).

November 26th We took the van in to get smogged. I've also decided to get the big brake kit, and have Stephan install it. I need new brake pads, and there's grease on the passenger side front wheel, suggesting something expensive won't last long. The brake kit replaces all that junk, so I figured I'd stop thinking about it and actually do it.

I finally got around to draining and refilling the hot tub. I didn't get the time to clean it out as thoroughly as I usually do, as I wanted to get it full of water before leaving it overnight, to stop it freezing some of the lower pipes and bursting them. In the spring, I'll clean it, I promise.

November 25th I spent part of the morning making a box to fit over the sprinkler valves in the back garden, so that hopefully Tilly won't be able to chew through any more of the wires, then we went hang gliding. Tilly came with us, and she doesn't bark at home much, but playing with Tiger, it seems that her bark is getting a bit deeper. I'm glad, as the old bark gave me a headache. After a successful lesson, we went home and ate pizza before going to bed early.

November 24th I killed parts of the tree in the front while Vic cleared leaves out of her flower beds, and Tilly slept inside so I didn't cut one of her legs off. Later, she got a whole carrot to eat, and it would seem like she can't digest carrot, judging from the bright orange piles in the garden.

In the evening, I went over to Scott and Becky's for a poker party - seeing as Jason was in town, it made sense to take as much money from him as possible :o)
I came 2nd, but if you're from the IRS, my winnings come nowhere near making up for my losses this year.

When I got home, Tilly wanted to go potty, so I took her out and then dragged her around the block - I think she'd have been happier at home in bed.

November 23rd Tilly has whined a few times recently while chewing things, so we think she's probably starting to lose her baby teeth. Finally. We went and got her some teething type toys, so that hopefully she won't feel the need to destroy the house any further than she already has. The family Kelly came up to see Tilly, who actually behaved pretty well because she was tired from having us around all day yesterday.

Dave showed me his new MacBook that gets around 90 frames per second playing World of Warcraft - my Windows XP box gets around 25fps, but I'm pushing a bigger screen, and have everything turned up to 11.

November 22nd It was Thanksgiving here - a pagan festival that somehow includes the sacrifice of a turkey, and I don't mean Gigli. Too bad. Mike emailed me to say he was coming up, so we pottered around the house, fixing things and breaking others. I wasted some time on World of Warcraft, getting my hunter up to level 47 while farming for stuff for my druid. I fitted a new light over the entryway as a replacement for the godawful thing the house came with.

As he hadn't shown up by the early evening, we went next door for lasagna and to see the new Dachshund puppies.

November 21st We took the Subaru back to the place where the front driveshaft was replaced in March, as it's started making a clonking noise when turning right. Of course, they couldn't reproduce the problem when they wanted to, but we agreed that if I let them do the brakes (which needed new pads anyway) they'd put a new driveshaft in. No sign of a noise on the way home, but we'll see how long that lasts.

As Tilly was asleep, I played a bit of World of Warcraft and managed to get my warlock her Epic Donkey. Of course, this now means that I can get the flying donkey (I think you just pay for that).

November 19th After work, I went to pick up Vic from SMF. Sounds like she had a good time there, and Tilly was very happy to see her when we got home.

November 18th While Tilly slept off her breakfast, I played a bit of World of Warcraft and got my druid up to level 39. These changes they've made seem to make levelling faster, which I'm all in favour of :o)

I spent the afternoon tidying up all the stuff I never get around to doing. Vic being away means I haven't got a reason not to rake leaves or vacuum, but on the minus side, I'm out of chocolate ice cream.

November 17th I started the day working on the YSR I'm trying to get back together for Jason. I got the fuel tank on, and the seat unit. I was going to try and start it, but the clutch needed adjusting. That means I had to drill out the nerfed up screw that was holding the cover on. Once that was done, I found that the carb's missing the choke assembly, so I'm not sure that it'll run at all. I made a start on bleeding the brakes, and called it a day there.

I washed the Subaru and the van. I took a look at the CD changer in the Subaru, and decided after trying it in the Van that it's not working. I then took the whole bloody thing to pieces to get my 10 CDs out. I tried it again having put it all back together, but it still doesn't work. Oh well, time for a new one I guess - this one's 7 years old. At least the wiring's already in the car, so it's just a matter of plugging a new one in. After all this fun, Tilly and I played in the garden for a while. She slept on my lap while I played World of Warcraft for a bit, my druid got to level 38.

November 16th I ran Vic to SMF so she could go to her cousin's wedding in Texarse. Great, just me and Tilly for 4 days. Let's hope both of us make it :o)

I took the Subaru for it's smog test, and it passed. This means I can give the DMV their pound of flesh for the registration sticker.

November 15th After breakfast, I took Tilly for a walk - she's still very excited to be out in the big wide world, and that's funny to see. Cars still scare her a little, and I'm not convinced that's a bad thing.

The parts came in for the YSR I'm trying to get back together for Jason yesterday, so I fitted the brake lever. I was looking at the fuel tank when I realised that I might not be able to get the cap open any more - that'll be fun to deal with. I might have a spare one around here somewhere.

I put in a little time in World of Warcraft, my druid got to level 37. They've made some changes, so you don't need to go into Uldaman for artisan enchanting, and it's easier to get from level 20 - 60. I'm glad I handed in all those quests and ran to Uldaman on Monday then, eh?

November 14th I took Tilly to the vet's for a checkup and some booster shots. They were expecting us tomorrow, but the reminder note they gave me said "Wednesday 15th", so they took her back and gave her the booster shots. Finally, she can go out :o) This is good, as it's hard tiring her out in the house and garden.

After work, and before her supper, I took Tilly for a walk around the block. Well, first we had a little fight to get the harness on her (so that hopefully she'll stop chewing at her lead), then we went for a walk around the block. It's less than 1/2 a mile, but we ran into first Bill and then Fred, so by the time we got home, we'd been out about an hour. It must be nice to be popular.

We went through the same harness hassles before bed time, but she did sleep through to 6am, so it's worth it.

November 13th I managed to find an airbox for the YSR that I'm supposed to be putting together for Jason, so I got that fitted. It should be ready to run now, if I put some oil and gas in it.

I spoke to Susan at Team Calamari, and ordered a few parts I still need for the YSR. That took almost an hour, as she likes to chat, and we haven't spoken for a couple of years :o)

November 12th Vic got to go hang gliding, by herself, as I had to work. It didn't go so well, as she was pretty tired due in no small part to Tilly's late night and early morning antics.

I managed to run Uldaman with Andy in World of Warcraft, my druid got to level 36 and artisan enchanting.

November 11th We did various bits and pieces around the house, and Tilly was in and out of her crate pretty much the same as she would be on a working day. I figure I should try and keep her schedule pretty constant, so hopefully she'll be easier to have around :o)

November 10th I started the day playing World of Warcraft, my druid got to level 35, so I can start working again on his professions.

After that, Tilly and I went to the SPCA to talk to Tiffany, the behaviour analyst, for a little while. Vic and I are getting tired of the mouthing, and it seems we need to be more strict with Tilly, and give her timeouts rather than grabbing and holding her when she goes crazy. As she's such a social little thing, this should get through to her pretty quickly. At least, that's the plan.

I also got her picture taken with Santa. That was a lot less drama than it was with Chloe.

Oh, I need to start putting everything away for the winter, as it's throwing it down here today.

November 9th I've been looking at the central locking on the van, trying to see why it's drawing 300mA constantly. After a message to the van list, somebody pointed out that the coil in the relay would be energised the way I have it set up (per the Actuators / Reverse Polarity" setup here). by reversing the logic (+ becomes - all round), everything works, and it draws no power any more :o)

I managed to get in a little World of Warcraft time, and ran Gnomeregan with Andy. My druid made it to level 34.

In the evening, we took Tilly over to Scott and Becky's so she could meet Daisy. She was a bit nervous at first, but they soon warmed up to each other :o)

November 8th I managed to get my druid up to level 33 in World of Warcraft.

November 7th As it's November, I figured I'd cook up the remaining meat on the barbie so at my leisure I can tidy the thing up and put it away. Tilly found the whole process amazing ;o)

November 6th Well, Tilly proved that the previous two dry days were just luck when she peed on one of her beds. Doh.

I managed to get my druid up to level 32 in World of Warcraft.

November 6th A second day when Tilly didn't have an accident in the house!

I managed to get my druid up to level 31 in World of Warcraft.

November 5th Tilly got us up early, but managed to go a whole day without an accident in the house!

I managed to get a little World of Warcraft time, and got my druid up to level 30.

November 4th Ever tried to explain to a puppy that it's only 5:30, so she should go back to sleep?
I hate it when the clocks change, but it seems that it's also a stupid idea. So, not only do I lose an hour's daylight when I need it, but also I have to worry about getting mown down. Great.

I worked on the central locking in the van for a while, trying to see why it's still draining the battery while not doing anything. I've tried wiring the relays up in different ways without it helping. Eventually, Tilly got bored, so we went outside to play for a while. Once she was tired out, and Victoria had got back from getting one of our foster guineas adopted, we put her in her crate and headed out for a while.

In the afternoon, we watched the MotoGP race from Valencia - I was saddened to see the poison dwarf take 2nd in the season because Rossi broke his hand, but hey, there's always next year.

November 3rd I started the day by wearing out Tilly so I could put her in her crate for a while. I then attacked the bushes down the side of the house, and cut them way back. Having half filled the green waste bin, I finished it by cutting the grass and leaves. Tilly and I played around in the garden for a while, then I crated her again and went to the airfield and got the Rans out for a bit. I did just under an hour, as I was getting a bit cold, and it was quite bumpy with the cold air and thermals. Of course, on my way home there were three powered parachutes playing around by the casino. Oh well.

November 2nd I logged into World of Warcraft only to find all of my toons missing. Great... I created a couple of new ones, and couldn't log in as them either. I called them, to be told to call another number. Having waited 20 minutes to talk to these people, I decided against calling, and emailed and got on with my day.
Seems I wasn't the only one.

In the evening, we went to the first Friday meeting of a bunch of the SPCA people, but couldn't stay that long because we had to get back and let Tilly out of her crate to carry on devastating the house and garden.

November 1st Egads, is the year almost over already? Better start my Xmas shopping soon, or I'll have forgotten about it until it's too late. Again :o)