So my brother had the horizontal stabilisers from a 737 in his warehouse, and the owner had told him to just scrap them. Russ wanted a desk, built from the bits. Challenge accepted!

Having cut the tips off (we only needed about 8' to work with), he brought the parts up to me, where they sat in the garage until I was feeling strong.

This is how the wing started out. It's about 10' long. I took off the brackets for the elevator, and cut about 2' off it (I made a rough cut near to a rib, so I could use the rib to set the edge.

Here's the end after cutting it to length, with the leading edge sitting on top.

I trimmed along the rib and struts, and cleaned the edge up as nicely as I can with my tiny little - squirrel!

The desk is going to be quite long, and I test installed the leading edge (only 1 edge - I'm going to have to take it off again and get it to fit properly, methinks).

Anyway, I trimmed the leading edge to length, as it's obviously a bit longer than it needs to be.

Here's the leading edge installed and cut to length. It's still not on properly, so I'll have to use a bigger hammer.

I took the leading edge off, cut off the mastic substance that's used to fill the gap and re-installed it properly - it's a bit of a struggle to fit, as it's almost like it's too big.