With Jason visiting and needing a bike for a road trip, and having nearly run out of things to do to the Hawk, I decided to embark on a new project, namely a Kawasaki KLX650... for several reasons:

  • I'd never owned a Kawasaki
  • I'd never ridden a big single
  • I'd always fancied a Dual Sport

Once we got back from our bike trip, I started dicking around with the KLX, I converted it, and added some Acerbis handguards and a dual sport mirror and Renthall bars.

I got sick of the splashy graffix (sic), stomach bile green frame (that was starting to rust) and saddle, so I figured it was time for a bit of a rebuild. While I was at it, I junked the smog stuff and gave up on the faded gray front sail, sorry, mudguard. I installed a trimmer Acerbis supermotard one.

I replaced the 300lb stock exhaust with an FMF unit and jetted appropriately. It's a lot lighter, and with the quiet core and 6 discs, not too noisy. I did have to trim the connector pipe to make it all fit, but fit it now does.

I finally got the wheels all finished and fitted, and installed KLX/R forks (with better springs) to upgrade to a 320mm disc.I eventually decided that I had too many bikes in the garage, and that I should start tidying up a little bit. I advertised the KLX, then found out that Scott really wanted it, so it went off to live with him for a while.