After driving internal combustion engines for decades, I've been peering at electric cars for a while.

We test drove the third generation Smart ForTwo ED, but as much fun as it was, it wasn't really practical. It had a small (~75 mile) range, and slow charging due to only a 3.3Kw onboard charger.

We test drove the Chevy Spark EV, which had a slightly longer range, 4 seats, but wasn't really that much fun to look at. The 2nd year, they added actual colours, but reduced the battery size (!)

We test drove the Fiat 500e, and it was fun, and had the same sub 100 mile range as everything else of that generation, but Fiat's statements about the car only being for compliance reasons made is seem like it'd go the way of the dodo as soon as they could get away from it - not exactly a long term prospect, and we tend to keep our cars for a long time.

We test drove the BMW i3, and were pretty close to getting a range extended one - the hacks and compromises meant I didn't think Vic would totally get on with it though, and she's the one that mainly drives it.

We'd looked at the Tesla Models S (really big and expensive) and 3 (almost as big, and expensive if you want to start adding any options).

We test drove the Chevy Bolt, and both liked it. It's big enough to do most of the stuff we want a car to do (we have the van for carrying bales of hay), it has great range (supposedly 238 miles) and is fast, quiet and all those other things I like in a car.

Due to some aggressive discounts, and the end of the GM $7500 federal rebate on April 1st, it made sense to buy a new rather than used one, and here we are. After getting everything organised by phone, I flew Vic over to Woodland, and she drove the car home while I flew back to Lincoln. We decided on the Premier because we wanted the roof rails, overhead camera view, and we actually decided that the leather seats might be a good idea after having to clean the seats in the Jeep.

It's taken a bit of getting used to, but we've even turned down the charge state so it charges to 90%, meaning the regenerative braking works the moment you start it - the range is always showing over 200 miles when charged.

We're currently only charging it at 110v in the garage, while I get my head around a 250v charger.