So, after several years of barely flying, I bought a Rans S-17 from Lodi. It was powered by a Rotax 447, and supposedly an ultralight. It was a lot heavier than it should be, so when I bought the Flightstar, Ken ended up registering it with the FAA (I had it registered with the EAA).

Tim, the seller, had offered to fly it up for me, but I had nowhere to put it. As there were no hangars available, I was going to put it in the garage until I could find one, so we took it apart and put it on a trailer. That, it turned out, wasn't registered - if Tim had been stopped driving up, my plane would have been impounded too, which would have been a lot of aggravation. While we were waiting for the registration to come through, I managed to get a hangar. Well, we got the plane all snuggled up in it's new hangar in Lincoln, and got the wings back on.

I managed to get the tail on, and the wing braces. I've connected the control rods to the elevators, and the ailerons up in the wing roots, and got the fuel lines all in and attached. Working from pictures I took before we disassembled the plane for transport, it's not been too tricky :o) I took the pod off, and adjusted everything to fit me. I never did put the pod back on, as I'd have hit the screen with my helmet :o( It was like flying a lawn chair, as you can only see the instruments between your feet :o) I converted it with a simple motorcycle twist grip.